Beetle Warfare

(Blog Author statement: at this point in time – October 2008, the author is rethinking his position in evolution, and generally concur that evolution is a scientific fact, yet the method of evolution is still in open discussion. The author maintains the following posting on his blog to keep an accurate history of his idea developments)

Published October 2007

Beetle Warfare
Little Bugs That Evolutionists
Would Like to Forget!

Issue Date: January/February 1994

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Impedership – the art of demotivating people

I’ve watch this great clip on “impedership”,
U can check it at

The clip defines impedership = the opposite of leadership = the art of demotivating people
Good companies are run by two simple rules:
1. Hire motivated people
2. Don’t demotivate them

Here are several impedership behavior
1. Lord it over them
2. Use management buzzword
3. Depend on consultant… this one’s a kicker,

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