Impedership – the art of demotivating people

I’ve watch this great clip on “impedership”,
U can check it at

The clip defines impedership = the opposite of leadership = the art of demotivating people
Good companies are run by two simple rules:
1. Hire motivated people
2. Don’t demotivate them

Here are several impedership behavior
1. Lord it over them
2. Use management buzzword
3. Depend on consultant… this one’s a kicker,

“hire consultant, bring an outside team to interview your people, learn what they know and tell you about it. Don’t ask your people. What they know, they just do their job everyday, talk to your customer, talk to other departments, what do they know, we need high powered consultants in here, cause our people are idiots, they only got a small piece of the puzzle, what do they know, my people can’t have any good ideas, I need the big view, I need the outside view, not my people’s view”

4. Dismiss any ideas
5. Treat them as interruptions
6. Don’t listen to them
7. Let them do your job
8. Take all the credit
9. Create last minute work
10. Reward them with more work
11. De-value personal life
12. Don’t know their name
13. Don’t know them personally
14. Play favorites
15. Promote suck-ups
16. Focus on blame
17. Criticize in public
18. Threaten them
19. Save ammo for the review
20. Blame “the system”
21. Cut their earnings
22. Discourage talent
23. Don’t let them think
24. Be clueless

What to do:
1. Identify your de-motivating actions
2. Ask your employees to add to your list
3. Stop doing it
4. Ask feedback


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