Ok lahhhhhh

I realize i used “ok lahhhhhh” a lot the last couple of weeks

and i realize that I used this super tentative hyper ambiguous answer mostly when people ask me about how am i doing or stuff that borders between work and private (i dare not give tentatives about work matters, nice way to be viewed as a moron who cannot make up his mind, unless i’m dealing with something potentially dangerous)

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What’s the difference between those who grow and those who don’t?

I found this very interesting article on the New York Times that discuss
What’s the difference between those who grow and those who don’t?

Some people believe, heavily believed, on the limited nature of talent, that you’re born talented (or smart) or you’re not, and if you’re not, that’s it.
And as usual, this type of defeatist attitude brings bad belief into bad reality

While other people believe that there’s no limit to talent, or as i like to say “intelligence can be trained”. This people usually ends up growing more and more, being more talented and smarter over time

I enclose some part of the article in this writing (in case the attached link is broken or dead and thus you readers lose the opportunity to read the article)

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