Ok lahhhhhh

I realize i used “ok lahhhhhh” a lot the last couple of weeks

and i realize that I used this super tentative hyper ambiguous answer mostly when people ask me about how am i doing or stuff that borders between work and private (i dare not give tentatives about work matters, nice way to be viewed as a moron who cannot make up his mind, unless i’m dealing with something potentially dangerous)

and by “people” i mean mostly foreigners that doesn’t speak Indonesian or (i assume) don’t understand Indonesian culture enough to be able to understand what my real answer would mean in proper context

or most probably because “ok laaahhhhh” is the safest answer when people ask “how’re u doing” cause u don’t know how long that person be willing to listen if i give him/her the true correct answer

so…”sendy, how’s your weekend?” “ok lahhhhhh”, “how’s the bali trip” “ok laahhhhhh”
might actually mean “it’s nice but i’m not sure whether you’re expecting an elaborate answer on which you can get cues for your own weekends or are you just trying to be seen as friendly and thus i shouldn’t waste both of our time”

the world is a f*cking minefield, the workplace even more so, and “ok lahhhhhh” is my best tool to hover above potential discomfort, misunderstanding, and unknown dangers


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