Time for Change

We are 4 days to the US election and i have goosebumps everytime i heard about pools going favorable to the wrong direction, to McCain’s that is.

I have been keeping track of this election ever since it’s Obama vs Hillary, hoping that in the end, America will stop its collective stupidity and start choosing a smart president once in a while.

I have no idea why they choose for Bush the second time, i thought it’s all the drug, booze, and fat getting to their brains. But boy, if they choose McCain, they will erase any doubt about their collective stupidity.

Some of the blog readers in the US might wonder, why does an Indonesian rant so badly about the US election. Now, i live in Indonesia, a country with muslim majority, and i can tell you that that stupid Bush has zero idea about how much unneccessary heat, hatred, and fear that his narrow minded ideology had spawned in this country.

Time for change ladies and gentlemen. Many of these old folks, embittered by years of vanguished dreams, rejection, and pain, they see the world as me vs the others guy. Life as zero sum game, if i’m gonna get something that means you need to lose, and if you get something that mean somehow i’m gonna lose.

That feature of life might be true in the current life system, life system as in how people interact and share resources.

That’s what this change all about, its about building a new system that allows people to interact and share resource without resorting to animal-like behaviour and mindsets.

Is it possible? Well, you heard about environmentalism, sustainable development? about how we, humans, should be able to maintain our existence without destroying earth in the process? This is part of that change.  These ideas ask “can man live in harmony with nature?”, “can we capitalism without destroying earth?”

Compared to Human History timeline, this idea is new, this idea of sustainable development was met with resistance in its early stages. Greedy folks laugh at the notion of not destroying earth, who cares?

But i’m not here to talk about environmentalism and sustainable development.

I’m here to talk about a entirely larger scope of change. I’m here to talk about change that leads people to be able to live with harmony (oh, such an eastern word isn’t it? harmony) with their fellow man.

Example, we have seen how unregulated greed fails, and when it fails, it victimize not only the culprit, but also so many other people that didn’t take part in the worship to greed.

Now this change asks, can we create a capitalism model that function without greed?

other example, we have seen how current political system and world order spread fear, terror, abuse of power.

This change asks, can we create a global society without abuse of power, terror and fear?

(no? do bear in mind, that terror and fear are not a necessary part of life. In this modern age, terror and fear are mostly man-made)

Now, what does the US election gotta do with this change?

Ok, there are people that says “if you do not believe what we believe, if you do not have the same faith as us, you deserve to die”. We are quick to associate such thinking with fundamentalist or extremist muslims.

But tragically, tragically, some minor elements, powerful though, in the United States also have the same narrow minded believe. The ultra-right, the hawks. If you’re not white, Christian, and republican, you deserve a Tomahawk right on your eyeballs. (now, i’m a Christian myself)

Mr. McCain, brave as he is, (i salute him for being a man with guts) panders to this type of narrow minded ideology. He may not hold this ideology himself, but like bush, he will let those that holds such ideology run rampant.

He has proven this in this election. The more he get cornered in the polls, he goes further and further right. Do not think that his power strugle will stop if became president. As he has goes further right to gain the presidency, he will do the same to maintain the presidency.

Mr. Obama, on the other hand, is a face of dialogue. And dialogue, is one of the main ingredient that we need to have a better humanity.

Lets have a new generation, a generation that believes in sharing, not greed, that believes in forgiveness, not anger.


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