Belajar Bahasa Inggris Secara Mandiri – Bagian II

discuterI have talked about how to learn English independently. I think it’s time to publish the second part of the topic.I believe if a high school graduate who has not taken any English course beyond the class room had follow the steps in the first part properly, he/she should be able to actively use English in a social context and very limited professional context. (it worked for me, I think I got myself a 540 TOEFL after learning English that way, not much, but I got that number without paying any English course or TOEFL course or whatever course, saves me a lot of money)

Since this post is for those who have completed the 1st part, I will conduct this post in English.

Successful completion of the second part allowed my TOEFL to reach 640. And yes, there’s a third part, after the third part, TOEFL is not the issue, third part is about polishing your English to be as good as and even better than most natives (excluding the honorable Maureen Dowd from the New York Times and the likes of her).

Let’s begin part II
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“Tolong jelasin masalah resesi dong”

recession-2008(Conversation as of 19 October 2008)

yyyy(9:43:38 PM): btw tlg jelasin masalah resesi dong

yyyy(9:43:43 PM): gw ga ngerti nih hehehe

yyyy(9:43:47 PM): lo kan pasti jago

Dhirosattha (9:44:40 PM): resesi ekonomi scr umum? ato yg sekarang?

yyyy(9:47:25 PM): yg sekarang

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Projected long term oil demand falls by 10 million barrels in just one year

petrol_consumption22Why am i talking about oil demand projection?

Because demand projection influence price, and price of oil influence the price of almost every other goods and service.

Hovering around USD 55 (as of Nov 20 2008) the price of oil may look really low, but a bit of look of history shows that this is the same level of oil price in early 2007, and it took less than 18 months for oil price to reach its peak level.

Is it possible that we will see the same craziness of oil price movement? Quite possible


By having demand projection that runs wild and allowing speculators to ride on the demand projection.

Real consumers of oil use demand projection to determine the price their willing to hedge their oil supply, and Speculators of oil also use demand projection to further pony up the price. I argue on a previous post that the price increase in mid 2008 has been driven mostly by speculators. Who justify their price by waving the demand projection for 2020 and beyond. If we want to keep oil price at sane level, for both producer and consumer, we need to scrutinize the demand projection. That’s why we have this post.

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Can i tell you about the vetting process?

copy-of-tampian1Dhirosattha ( 12:59:36 AM): can i tell you about the vetting process?

xxxxx ( 12:59:53 AM): yup….

Dhirosattha ( 12:59:58 AM): the vetting process is, in general, a process where people move from number 2 to number 1

Dhirosattha ( 1:00:58 AM): at age 0, 100% human at no.2, at age 18, 50% of human at no.2; at age 23, 5% of human at no.2

Dhirosattha ( 1:00:59 AM): now

Dhirosattha ( 1:01:09 AM): this is where the real vetting process happens

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Suku Bunga Deposito Bank di Indonesia – 18 November 2008

rccThis post is an update on the same topic published at 30 October and has been updated by this post at December

On 12 and 18 November 2008, i visited 5 banks to inquire their TIme Deposit Product, this post will elaborate the product and my experience with the bank. Other banks included in the previous post will also be included in a summarized format.

This post also includes the best place to put your money (based on my findings) for different level of fund.

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Detroit bailout? Wait, what about free competition? And all this talk about free international trade?


November 14, 2008.

The US automakers asked the US government to provide them with a $ 25 Billion bailout. Well, the executives said it’s not a bailout, it’s a loan, to allow the US automakers some breathing space to innovate.

Hogwash. Sorry Obama, I support you for the US presidency, but if the US automakers cannot compete in the commercial world, then they do not deserve to live in the commercial world. Man, i’m kinda confused why the Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and Indonesian trade secretary hasn’t scream bloody unfair competition on the detroit bailout.

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Defining one’s life history and future based on race is just sad

ocean_hopeI see and meet many people who define themselves, their life history, and their life future based on the traits on which they are born. example: i’m african american, i’m indian.

You see, after thinking about it a bit, i found it not ok for someone to define their life history and future based on these traits. Think of white male and an indian male. both are male homo sapiens. both have the same type and number of body parts. Why should anyone from one of those race excuse himself for his life history or life future? Why should anyone use birth as an excuse to not succeeding in life?

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