An Indonesian’s perception of Democrat and Republican

WARNING: the content of this post has political correctness thrown out of the window. To explain what is a republican and what is a democrat while trying to account for political correctness would eat more space than this blog can provide.

When i just started reading news about the United States, i often found myself perplexed by “Republican”, “Democrat”. I understand that the US has somehow manage only to have 2 political parties, compared the 50+ we have here in Indonesia. Having only 2 political parties is quite nice, and personally i think its a mature form of democracy, since by only having 2 political vehicle you can almost guarantee that the people at the very top of these vehicle are smart people (whether they are nice or not is open to discussion). Compared to so many politicians here who seem to view the House of Reps as a get-rich-quick scheme.

I was perplexed when i was trying to find the stereotypes, yes, stereotypes. If someone is a democrat, what does that tell me about him? If someone has this and this background and paradigm, do i put him as a democrat or a republican?

Stereotyping, evil as it may sound, is undeniable in how we gauge people. It may be rudimentary, harsh, prejudiced, but stereotyping is our first layer on how build an image of a person in our head, by knowing the person more we can then build a more accurate image. But stereotyping exist, and as i read the news in the US, i find myself asking, what kind of guy is a Republican and who’s a democrat?  Even more important, with whom should i associate myself with? I mean, the republican seem like a bunch of chauvinist who can only speak English, and the democrat seem to be mostly atheist, i don’t like to associate my identity with either of them, but i mean, can americans be all that bad?

Fortunately, as i watch more and more news, i began to develop a mind image on who’s what, i like to share them with you readers, especially those who don’t live in the US and are also grappling with who’s what.

If any of my american readers feel offended by my description of Republican and Democrat, well, that’s what your news lead me in forming my opinion, don’t blame the mirror for your lack of make up.

General Description:

R: Established Americans, people who’s family been in the states before 1900 (except blacks). Also include new american who are so eager to be identified with established americans (think of Arnold Schwarzenegger, a republican who was not born in the US)

D: New americans and Blacks. New american are people whose parents are not born in the states before 1900. We can also assume that these new americans are mostly minority and immigrants (well, both are almost the same, since “immigrant” means those who came to US after 1900, they are a minority compared to the established american who forgot that they too had once been immigrant).

Race: (i have human basic right for free speech and i argue that i merely state an opinion and do not insult any race in this blog. man, you see how many disclaimers you have to put when you know that litigation happy americans wil read your blog?)

R: mostly whites, a bit of hispanic.. perversely, almost no indian are republican, funny isn’t, since the indians has been in america longer than the whites.

D: blacks, asian, some tree hugger and socialist whites, a bit of hispanic, other minorities.

Stereotyped states:

R: Those states that lose in the US civil war

D: New York, California

Watch and Read

R: Fox news, CNBC, Wall Street Journal

D: NYtimes, MSNBC

Economic class:

R: wealthy white dudes living in suburbs, not so wealthy white dudes living in the american outback.

D: low and middle class minorities in cities, some middle class whites, mostly in cities. (Warren Buffet is an exception, but one could also argue that this is the kind of success one has when he has the heart of a democrat and the brains of a republican)


R: CEOs, upper management, bankers, business owners, farmers.

D: middle managers, workers, laborers.

Economic ideology:

R: Free market, no tax, free trade (unless its regarding american farmers)

D: Socialist, tax as neccessary, trade as necessary


R: either super smart whites (some Nobel prize winners) or not so smart whites (George W. Bush)

D: smart whites (Bill Clinton) and other race of various intelligence level


R: American English

D: American English and another language


R: Christians, Chauvinistic Christians (which is kinda sad, since i’m christian and somehow i’m more open and tolerant than most of these republican. Their behavior towards people with different faith and believe is tragically similar to the minor radical elements of Indonesian muslims). But be mindful though, that although most republicans are Christians and view themselves as more religious than the Democrat Christian, their way of life is no more holy than the dems. They still fornicate, they just more loyal to go to church on sunday and publicly curse fornication (told you, similar to some christians and muslims in Indonesia).

D: Atheist. Ultra atheist. various faiths. I notice the dems that have faith are usually more tolerant to other faiths and are actually more honest about how the execute their faith.


R: No abortion (i love these guys)

D: Yes abortion (morons)


R: Yes Guns (morons)

D: No Guns (i love these guys)

see? i’m in a strap, the republican and democrat both appeals and distates me.


R: drink a lot. Wines or beer

D: drink a lot. Various spirits

Go to Harvard because

R: his dad

D: scholarship

America in the world:

R: There should be only america, with vassal countries spread around the globe

D: A country where dreams and opportunities grow more freely than in other countries.

Military views:

R: Active use of military power regardless of other sovereign nations

D: Protect our interest as need be

What to do with our enemies

R: Bomb them to hell

D: At least try to talk

Military wet dreams:

R: Tactical nuke

D: Unlethal weapons


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