Defining one’s life history and future based on race is just sad

ocean_hopeI see and meet many people who define themselves, their life history, and their life future based on the traits on which they are born. example: i’m african american, i’m indian.

You see, after thinking about it a bit, i found it not ok for someone to define their life history and future based on these traits. Think of white male and an indian male. both are male homo sapiens. both have the same type and number of body parts. Why should anyone from one of those race excuse himself for his life history or life future? Why should anyone use birth as an excuse to not succeeding in life?

I think about this as i watch “Flags of our Fathers”, a very good movie, recommendable. There’s a line in that movie “white men will understand indians a lot better”. Ok, i’m not a white man, and i have nothing against indians, i actually feel that the USA should pay indians a rent for the mainland in which USA resides, the US early settlers did drove out Indian tribes from Indian land.

To continue reading this blog, just try to replace the subject and object of that sentence to another race, african american, chinese, etc.

There’s just something about that sentence that bugs me. Maybe it’s the implied statement “if they understand us better, then our live will improve”. We often hear or even do that don’t we?

“It’s them. If they understand me better, if they accept me more, if they include me, if they have just give some wiggle room, then my life would improve.”

(Wow, come to think of it, i even said these things myself. I guess it’s time to think more about ways in which one uses external factor as an excuse for not achieving something.)

What’s the cure then?

That’s gonna be an evolving answer, but at this time, i believe this.

We can counter defeatist words with words that nullify the excuses.

“so what if i’m born in this circumstances (race), i have the same body parts as those who are born as (insert race, social class), i am as human as others. If the (insert dominant race) can be successful in life, and i am as human as them, then my humanity, my race, cannot be a limiting factor.”

I will further argue that even circumstances beyond race cannot be used as an excuse. But that would be part of another post. For now, please remind yourself and those you care, that race should not be an excuse for a life history or future.


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  1. There must be a law to prevent racism, and promote equal opportunity among all without discrimination in terms of race or age.

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