Can i tell you about the vetting process?

copy-of-tampian1Dhirosattha ( 12:59:36 AM): can i tell you about the vetting process?

xxxxx ( 12:59:53 AM): yup….

Dhirosattha ( 12:59:58 AM): the vetting process is, in general, a process where people move from number 2 to number 1

Dhirosattha ( 1:00:58 AM): at age 0, 100% human at no.2, at age 18, 50% of human at no.2; at age 23, 5% of human at no.2

Dhirosattha ( 1:00:59 AM): now

Dhirosattha ( 1:01:09 AM): this is where the real vetting process happens

Dhirosattha ( 1:01:13 AM): this 5%

Dhirosattha ( 1:01:32 AM): they believe, and rightly so, that they are ambitious, strong, full of hope and life

Dhirosattha ( 1:01:42 AM): full of potential

Dhirosattha ( 1:01:49 AM): they work 2-3 years

Dhirosattha ( 1:01:59 AM): and being ambitious, they aim high

Dhirosattha ( 1:02:19 AM): naturally they fail, failure is a natural process, this is important, failure is natural

Dhirosattha ( 1:02:34 AM): and this 5%, having big dreams, fail big

Dhirosattha ( 1:02:38 AM): at least they feel so

Dhirosattha ( 1:03:25 AM): now, at age 30, only 0.5% of human populations stays number 2. these 0.5% have “success”

Dhirosattha ( 1:03:41 AM): what happen between age 23 and 30? a major failure

Dhirosattha ( 1:04:14 AM): what’s so special about the guys who stay at number 2, at age 30?

Dhirosattha ( 1:04:22 AM): they move on from their major failure

Dhirosattha ( 1:04:26 AM): they keep believing

xxxxx ( 1:04:29 AM): so…the 95.5% is already at number 1??

Dhirosattha ( 1:05:06 AM): (yes) they say, and willing to accept, “i’ll take more, more pain, more failures, more effort, more rejection, more of those, my dreams are worth all those”

Dhirosattha ( 1:05:57 AM): i know major failures and losses, i know, i may not know exactly how you fell, you’re feeling is unique to you

Dhirosattha ( 1:06:55 AM): dreams are not lost, they just take another route

xxxxx ( 1:07:43 AM): btw, when you said that people move from number 2 to number 1….it means that peopel move to a better/best condition. Right???

Dhirosattha ( 1:07:49 AM): nooo

xxxxx ( 1:07:59 AM): ????

Dhirosattha ( 1:08:00 AM): 1. “mimpi ga usah tinggi”, “hidup ga usah muluk”. simple, no wishes, no dream, no pain, no doubt

Dhirosattha ( 1:08:04 AM): 2. brave road. i want to do this and achieve that, regardless of what other people say or think about me. A lot of shit, a lot of pain. Insult, failure, rejection

Dhirosattha ( 1:08:31 AM): that’s what i mean by number 2 and number 1


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