Suku Bunga Deposito Bank Di Indonesia – update December 2008

This post is an update on the same topic published at 30 October and 18 November. (Another feature on Suku Bunga Deposito has been added, click this link to see the feature)

On various dates between November 18 and December 18, i visited an additional 3 banks to inquire their Time Deposit Product, this post will elaborate the product and my experience with the bank. Other banks included in the previous post will also be included in a summarized format.

This post also includes the best place to put your money (based on my findings) for different level of fund.

Before we go further, the usual qualifiers and disclaimer. Any brands or registered trademark mentioned in this article are the property of their respective owner. The rate mentioned in this article are true to best of my knowledge as was informed by the person claiming to be the Customer Service Representative of respective bank at my visit, I am not responsible if the rates are proven wrong due to misquote on the party of the Customer Service, or the person providing the quote are not in charge on enforcing them, or any other miscommunication, Invest at your own risk. I am not paid by the banks listed in this article, and I especially are not paid by the winner, i do the research for my own personal need and simply share the result in this blog. I also skewed my research toward medium and small banks, since they usually give better return compared to more established banks. The survey was done on various dates between October and December 2008 in the branches of banks in various location, thus, the interest rates being applied might vary at a different time and perhaps even different location.

The ranking is still determined based on the interest rate being offer at the minimal amount of money invested at the shortest amount of lock-in time. Asides from bank specific terms, opening a time deposit at almost all bank will involve a IDR 6,000 stamp cost.

The Best Place for Funds


DBS Time Deposit is still the best product if your placement is below 50 million. Above 50 million, you’re better off with their special time deposit, if you go the branch, ask for any special product that they have.
Above 500 million, Mega Depo Premium offers an attractive rate. This Product offers an free Personal Accident insurance (But do notice the phrase Personal Accident, it doesn’t cover illness or disability, so for me, the insurance is more of a sweetener)

Above 1 Bn, Bank Capital publish a rate of 13.5% for the traditional time deposit, or you can still opt for the Mega Depo Premium. But at this level of fund, Rates are almost always negotiable, i suggest you shop around from the banks in the top level of the ranking.

On a side note, Citibank offers a Smart Bundle product that offers Deposit interest rates 14% and beyond, but because the product requires you to invest a matching amount in investment acount, and the investment account’s return is unpredictable, this will make the effective rate of holding the Smart Bundle product to be at 7% + half of the return of investment account. If the investment component tanked, you could be left with an effective return of 7% or less, if the investment perform below 13%, the product is still on par with Bank Mega’s Depo Premium, if the investment perform above 13%, only then the Smart Bundle becomes more competitive. Due to the uncertainty of the effective return, the Smart Bundle product is not included in the BEST category.

The Rankings

1. Still the Winner – DBS


Need to open a savings account. Admin fee is zero when Total Relationship Balance is above 10 Million.


2. Standard Chartered Bank – New to the ranking


I visit the branch at their main building in the Karet area of Jalan Jendral Sudirman.

The queue time is a bit long, I went there twice, the first visit I waited so long for a customer service officer I actually left the bank since I had another appointment. On the second visit I waited a good 20 minutes before being called in.

I met the same CSO as the one I’ve met when I was having a brief stint with Standchart about early 2007, it’s been more than 20 months since our last acquaintance and the guy is still there. I mention this because I thought CSO has tenure shorter than fruit flies, it’s nice to meet a familiar face.

I think this bank present me with the few pleasant surprises I had in my survey, I thought they gonna be cheap with their time deposit, actually, quite the opposite, their rates almost beat those of DBS, and at longer holding period, their rate could get seriously high. I place their rank lower because:
a.    At the minimum amount and holding period, their rate is not as competitive as DBS
b.    Their minimum is 25 million

I honestly forgot to ask whether I need to open a savings account with them, and how much will the admin cost be.

3. Bank Victoria

No Savings Account is required

4. Bank Capital


No savings account with Bank Capital is required. Upon due date, the deposit can be transferred or carried in cash, incurring associated transfer or stamp cost.

5. Bank Panin


No savings account is required

6. Bank Century


A note on this Bank, after the bad press that this bank had, I went to the bank on early December to see how things had changed.

I notice 2 things.
The first is that they have modified their rates for Time Deposit, but it’s still a competitive 10% for any amount at any holding period. If you still had any interest to the bank, I would say that the rates are competitive. I would think that Bank of Indonesia would do anything to secure this bank and to maintain the third party funds in the bank, but please, do remember that you Invest At Your Own Risk

The second is that on my visit, the atmosphere was tense and hectic. This exacerbates an already uncomfortable situation into an annoying one.
This is an operational aspect that the bank could have manage better to increase its image, rather, my visit indicates that such opportunity was lost.

On my visit, phone lines keep ringing for extended period without anyone clearly picking the damn phone up, there were no clear queue lines, (yes, I understand that it’s hard to ask angry middle aged and old ladies to queue, but disorder will create more pressure, and thus, more anger). I think a good branch manager should have been able to solve such atmosphere to take place, but none such person was seen.

No need to open a savings account.

7. Bank Artha Graha


Might need to open a savings account.

8. Bank Ekonomi


No need to open a savings account.

9. Citibank

Ladder Deposit


The ladder deposit has a long tenure, 12 months of locking period. The main feature is that you can withdraw the fund before the 12 months period, but the drawback is that you will suffer a lower interest rate being applied to the deposit if you decide to withdraw before the 12 months is up.

If you withdraw in 3 months, the applied rate is 7.2%; withdraw in 6 months, the rate is 8.4%; withdraw between 6 and 12 months, the rate is 9.6%.
The same interest rate is applied to any size of fund.

The second product is the Super Save, which is their version of a traditional time deposit


You might notice that the interest rate is quite high, but i positioned their product this low in the ranking because….the high amount of minimal fund that you need to place. Super Save requires a minimum of IDR 100 million, and at 9.25% it’s actually less attractive then Niaga’s rate for the same deposit size.
the third product is Flexible Deposit


The flexible deposit allows the customer to withdraw any amount from the entire deposit before the maturity date. The drawback is that the amount that was withdrawn before the maturity date will receive a 6% rate, instead of the full published rate (which starts at 11%). Example: Let say you place IDR 500 million with Citibank Flexible Deposit, you commited the funds for a 6 month locking period. But at 3rd month you withdraw IDR 100 million, at this time, the IDR 100 million interest rate is 6%, the remaining IDR 400 million receives 11.25% rate. Then, in month 4, you withdraw another IDR 100 million, this IDR 100 Million receives 6% rate, while the remaining IDR 300 million, receives 11.25% rate.

At least, that’s my understanding of how the exact mechanism work. If any of the reader work with Citibank and is familiar with the product, feel free to post the official version in the comment box below.

Smart Bundle product


The smart bundle is a smart product, smart for Citibank that is. Rather than bundling an investment product with an insurance (which is all to common with many banks selling bancassurance), Citibank bundles their investment product with a traditional banking product, the safest one at that, the time deposit.

In Smart Bundle, the customer must provide equal amount of fund to an time deposit component and an investment component. The Time Deposit component will receive 14% interest rate, while the investment component will receive unknown rate of return, depending of the performance of the selected investment instrument. Example, If i want to place a IDR 100 million deposit with Smart Bundle, then i also need to provide another IDR 100 million to purchase an investment instrument (most probably mutual fund). Off course i can choose which investment instrument i wish to buy.
But since both the deposit and investment component must be provided in equal amount, the return on the entire fund you provide (combining the deposit and investment) will equal to 7% + half of the investment return. 7% comes from 14% divided by 2 (since the deposit is exactly half of the entire fund), and half of the investment return also because the investment component comprise exactly half of the entire fund.

The upside: a 14% rate for the deposit component of the product.

The downside: 1. The rate of return for the entire fund you provide is unknown, subject to market performance. 2. Participating in the investment includes a purchase fee of 2% from the total investment. I personally hate fees that are defined as a percentage of asset, it encourage funds to sell and sell and sell their product, rather than to give maximum return for customers. If the performance tanked, the fund managers already enjoy the fee and only face the risk of not having new customers, while the customers gets burned.

Personally i prefer to have separate time deposit and investment account.

Doing this allows me to understand the real cost and real return of each product, understanding the real cost and return then allows me to comparison shop effectively, and find the real bargain for each class of product. I find bundling tend to obscure such information for the customer.
But if you are interested in opening a time deposit and a investment account, you are looking for the highest return for your deposit, and are willing to take whatever return the market will give for the investment account, then the smart bundle might be a good option.

To participate in any of the products above, you must open a savings account with Citibank, the admin fee is zero if the Total Relationship Balance is above IDR 50 million


On a side note on the Kebon Jeruk branch. The branch has one of the MOST DANGEROUS motorcycle parking space i’ve ever seen, dangerous as in fatality waiting to happen. Parking space for cars is relatively ok, but the parking space for motorcycle is utterly dangerous. Whoever designed, construct, approve, and allow the motorcycle parking space to exist obviously never ride a motorcycle.

I protest Citibank for having such a dangerous motorcycle parking space. How can you allow your employee and potential customers to park their motorcycle in such a dangerous manner and space? This reflects poorly on their management attitude toward employee and customers, it’s like saying “if you don’t look like someone with money, then we don’t need to take good care of you”, unacceptable attitude in a service industry.

The management of Citibank cannot say that such dangerous parking space is accidental, a constraint that comes with the selection of their building.

Citibank is responsible to find a building which facilities are AT LEAST SAFE for the users of the building, if the building’s facilities is not safe, then it is Citibank’s responsibilities to find a SAFE building. Deciding to stay in a building with unsafe facilities reflects either ignorance to the safety of others or management ineptitude.

10. Bank Niaga


Must open a savings account with Bank Niaga, called the Niaga X-tra. the admin cost is IDR 7,000/month and it cannot be waive at any level of savings. This requirement and its associated cost and the IDR 50 million minimum, places Bank Niaga at this position in the ranking.

Please note that the author has not revisit any Niaga product after the change to CIMB Niaga. The rates above are for Bank Niaga, not CIMB Niaga.

11. Bank Bumiputra


No need to open a savings account.

12. Bank Bukopin – New to the ranking


Another pleasant surprise during my trip. I visited the S.Parman Branch, it’s a large 2 storey building before BCA Wisma Slipi office

My memories about Bukopin contains images of semi-government building type interior with long queue lines.

Now, I think Bukopin has interiors that is on par with much larger banks such as BCA, even to close to HSBC. The layout was open, with large area for transaction and several customer service booth spread on what seem to be the rest of the floor. The furniture and lightning that was use was quite modern, with a minimalist twist to it. I think the image that I see from the interior is efficiency and friendliness, quite nice. Have you visited Bukopin?

I think you should try, my early image of Bukopin as second grade bank was altered by the experience.

No need to open a savings account with Bukopin

13. Bank NISP


No need to open a savings account.

14. Bank Mayapada


No need to open a savings account

15. Bank Mega


I visited Bank Mega branch in Tanjung Duren, West Jakarta on 18 November 2008.

Mega Depo Premium product.


This product offers a highly competitive rate, with a bit of sweetener added to the mix (the personal accident protection. In which case if the deposit holder deceased by cause of an accident, not illness, a designated party will be provided with the entire amount of deposit and a matching amount of insurance benefit)

The first downside of this product is its high entry limit, a minimal deposit of IDR 500 million, with subsequent saving to be provided in IDR 50 million increments.

Another downside is that you might need to open a savings account with Bank Mega to access this product. The admin fee of the savings account is IDR 7,000/month.

But at 14%, the rate is very competitive

16. Bank Mayora


No need to open a savings account with Mayora

17. Bank BTN


No need to open a savings account

18. Bank Permata


You need to open a savings account with Permata.

19. Bank Lippo


As of 18 November 2008, the writer still decides to list Lippo Bank as a separate entity to Bank Niaga. The writer will consider to combine the listing when the Lippo branches has been rebranded to CIMB Niaga

You need to open a saving account, admin fee is IDR 10,000/month

20. UOB Buana – New to the ranking

I visited this bank with the hopes of finding competitive rates for their time deposit. Instead, I got a new lowest ranker for this post.
I think this is because their published rate is so low, they seem to rely heavily on negotiated rates. I asked how much the rate is if I actually bring in IDR 150 million, and the CS said I could get much higher than the published rates. Unfortunately, this post only deal with published rates, and thus, this is UOB Buana.
No need to open a savings account if you place funds more than IDR 10 million.
If you place below that amount, you will need to open a savings account with an admin fee of IDR 10,000 (if your balance is below IDR 500,000) or IDR 7,500 (if your balance is above IDR 500,000)


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  2. […] Suku Bunga Deposito Bank Di Indonesia – update December 2008 […]

  3. Thanks for the info. This is great, really helpful and please keep posting to update us.
    Btw, may i know about the interest tax, is it also have variety between each banks? And hopefully you also can include those information here.


  4. I think for 2009 the interest rate for Time Deposit will be at 20%.

    This apply to all Time Deposits in any bank

  5. Thanks for your effort with this. The information is a real time-saver. Of course, the more banks the better. I would be interested to see other banks included, especially multi-nationals like ANZ Panin, Commonwealth, etc. Looking forward to any future posts on this topic.

  6. keep updating the latest info, thanks a lot, ..

  7. Pak Sendy, perna compare dengan RBS? saya dapat tawaran deposito dengan bunya 13% di rbs u/ time deposit 1 bulan..

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