On the Horizon business model for Indonesian Financial industry

Photo by: Stephanie W.

Photo by: Stephanie W.

1. Mobile phone based payment

Embed a payment and encryption capability into a mobile phone (in the chip or software). Allow the mobile to execute payment, whether through near field detection, a specific button, or password type into the mobile phone’s keypad to approve and confirm the transaction. The balance can be refilled through phone, mobile, or sms banking

2. Peer to peer lending

Think e-bay of peer lending, instead of auctioning goods, this auction personal loans.

Off course, this type of lending fails many risk management principles



and, the SEC registered Lending Club


and the not-so-great apples



3.  Social network lending

Think facebook for lending

i personally don’t like the idea of pestering your family and friends for loan, since you can lost more than money if your borrowing failed.



4. Desktops as server

banks need a lot of computing power, a lot of analysis.

harness the computing power of your thousands of desktop processor. Let the desktop be used by individual user at day, then use them as part of your server (network) at night.

5. Alternate Reality Games

Marketing campaigns that woven internet and real life experience.


1. distribute play money at trade shows, people who are keen enough to see through the watermark will get a website

2. visit the website, get gps coordinate and time stamp

3. visit said location, a plane flew bearing phone number

4. call the number, need to collect items from several location

5. those who can completely collect the item, can join a draw for a premiere ticket




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