KFC aggresive up sell

imz08TdbwV41220613874I like KFC,

i think it provides a good value meal, and i assume it has some standards, if i go to unfamiliar cities and i like a safe bet, sometimes i just go with KFC.

Yet, something always bothers me a bit everytime i approach their counter,

the feeling that i’m about to meet an aggresive up-selling effort by their cashier.

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The worst word in the world is “Kalian”

scrabbleI notice that there are important “keywords” in communication, there are positive ones and negatives ones, and i notice that “kalian” is like the worst of all words.

Read further to understand why

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US$ 47.5 billion software development


Microsoft almost bought Yahoo for US$ 47.5 billion, yet they could just spend US$ 10 billion for building a Yahoo rival. It seem the decision maker is more interested in producing mega-mergers than actual value calculation and creation.

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The New Jaguar XJ

Jaguar XJ 011

Now, let’s look at the new XJ

The XJ is positioned as a four dour sedan to compete with the Mercedes S – class and the BMW 7, and like the new XF, i think the XJ had managed to stand slightly above it’s competitor.

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The new Jaguar XJ is BEAUTIFUL – but first, the Jaguar lineup

TargaI love cars.

No, not in the sense that i put posters of Ferrari on my wall, never had one.

I love cars in the sense, from never knowing the difference between coupe and roadster (coupe is a two door sedan with fixed roof, while roadster is two door sedan with open or movable roof), to understanding what’s a targa (a roadster with horizontal bar protruding from the middle part, like a very narrow roof, it’s actually a full width roll bar to prevent the occupants head from crashing the ground in the disastrous event of a rollover).

from not knowing the difference between Toyota and Honda, Mercedes and BMW, Mercedes and BMW and Jaguar and Lexus, to Ferrari and Lambo, to Aston Martin and Buggati, and Bentley and Rolls, to having some comprehension the fine nuances of each brand (i still don’t understand American Cars though, their gone anyways).

Now, let’s talk about Jaguar

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Moving to the higher ground on motivation

I’ve mentioned the positive sharing blog (can be found here).

Now i like to share a bit about a post that really resonates with me.

(the full post can be found here)

The post talk about 4 different type of motivation, driven by positive or negative motivation and extrinsic or intrinsic factor.

Naturally, the best is positive and intrinsic motivation.


Further resource on increasing intrinsic motivation can be found here.

Found a great blog on happiness at work

zen gardenAs a worker and supervisor, i believe in the values of making the workplace as place for personal growth.

Having challenging assignments that gives people the chance to expand their knowledge, push new mind boundaries.

That also means doing these challenging assignments in a positive environment, an environment where personal traits are appreciated, credit are properly given, feedback are given nicely, back-stabbing politics is shunned, and cooperation is promoted.

I have to admit, that sometimes i fail to fulfill this goal, either through deadline pressures, miscommunication, or at times, simply bad leadership on my side. Regardless, i still believe in the workplace as place for self development, and i strive to be better.

So i was very happy when i found this blog about how to improve happiness at work.

the blog can be found here.