“Jadi sementara ini saya pake kompetitor anda dulu yah”, “iya pak betul”

cabletv1973True story

Me: Halo, “F*rst M*d**?”

Call center: “Yes”

Me: “i’ve been trying to subscribe to your service, but my house is not in your coverage area”

CC: “Have you check”

Me: “Yes i did”

CC: “Have you registered in our website?”

Me: “Yes i did, 2 times, 3 months ago and just now, i haven’t been contacted at all”

CC: “Just wait pak, if you have registered, our sales officer would contact you”

Me: “so in the mean time, i should subscribe with your competitor?”

CC: “yes pak”

if that was my call center, i would kick the guy out.

The company had a shoddy service reputation, they change their name, there were rumors of service improvement.

i like their product.

tried to check the coverage, ups, their coverage is the house in front of me.

The House in Front of Me.

all they need to do, is pull a 10m extension cord.

takes them more than 3 month to recognize a business opportunity, and looking at their call center, probably never


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  1. ^_^ tumben, ringan…

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