Looking for Precendence – How Facebook deliver CRM

facebook_1250784cDelivering CRM is the hardest part of CRM

Complete, accurate, and yet agile Database

Easy to use and modify user interface

Network capacity to handle thousand of concurrent users adding and modifying info to your database

Analytic algorithm and servers able to find and exploit patterns in the rapidly shifting data landscape

Applications that can effectively test and launch campaigns in to the database, “hot dipping” as i would say

How to deliver this without, risking trillions of rupiah in ongoing transaction, integrating the company’s multiple channel, throwing in new products and benefit, keep track of which internal laws need to be changed, ensure compliance with regulations, and transitioning with the company’s legacy system.

Complex no?

Yet i see facebook, 200 millions users, hundreds of thousands going live, concurrently modifying and adding data, user interface that’s not exactly easy at first, but users learn to it anyway, and can be modify, applications that users can embed and use in near instant.

I find myself asking 2 things:

1. HOW?


2. WHAT’s the difference with our company?

I’m assigning another team member to do research on this.


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