The new Jaguar XJ is BEAUTIFUL – but first, the Jaguar lineup

TargaI love cars.

No, not in the sense that i put posters of Ferrari on my wall, never had one.

I love cars in the sense, from never knowing the difference between coupe and roadster (coupe is a two door sedan with fixed roof, while roadster is two door sedan with open or movable roof), to understanding what’s a targa (a roadster with horizontal bar protruding from the middle part, like a very narrow roof, it’s actually a full width roll bar to prevent the occupants head from crashing the ground in the disastrous event of a rollover).

from not knowing the difference between Toyota and Honda, Mercedes and BMW, Mercedes and BMW and Jaguar and Lexus, to Ferrari and Lambo, to Aston Martin and Buggati, and Bentley and Rolls, to having some comprehension the fine nuances of each brand (i still don’t understand American Cars though, their gone anyways).

Now, let’s talk about Jaguar


I’ve seen Jaguar, the old Jaguar cars perplex me, people only look at it because they know it’s expensive, but if it weren’t for the Jaguar brand, the cars look like shit.

Witness the old Jaguar S series below

Jaguar S Type 2008

See? A similar vintage Mercedes looked more elegant, and a BMW looked more sporty, but this Jaguar…it looked old. It looked like a car which stays on production line merely because nationalistic English aristocrats.

Their more “modern” luxury lineup are no different

The X type (below)

Jaguar 2008 X-TYPEand The XJ (below)

Jaguar XJ 2009

I thought these two quaint design was so weird, they should sit at their own niche to avoid onslaught by competitors, only further down i learned that the X and XJ are supposed to compete with the Mercedes S class.

Blahhhh, ever seen an S class? it’s just ok when it stands still, you know it’s an expensive car from it’s size, but when the S class moves, ohhh, when it moves, you thoughts are filled with moving curves, Belle.

To compete with an S class with such old design? What motoring culture is there?


but then, then, comes the XF, a four door passenger sedan poised to compete with the BMW 5 series and the Mercedes E class.

Man, here in Indonesia, that car is price well above the 5 series and the E class, and you know what? i think the XF deserve to stand at that price range.

It’s aggresive yet elegant stance, the detailing of the interior, the playfullness of it’s round gear selector, a revival.

Just ok side view (below)

Jaguar XF 002

One fine ass with a beautiful back that reminds me of an Aston (below)

Jaguar XF 003

and for the interior, luxurious appointments can be seen below (photo from Jaguar XFR, the “sport/racing” series, like BMW M or Mercedes AMG)

Jaguar XFR Interior 001

and the gear selector i told you about (below)

Jaguar XFR Interior 002

see? ain’t the XF a beauty?

I learn to love the Jaguar,to appreciate this amalgam between aggressiveness and elegance

to bad the XF stands between a 5 series and the 7 series, I was searching for something that could stand tall with an S class, and the XF, beautiful as it is, is simply not there yet.

Then comes the New XJ, heaven,

let’s talk more in a new post


I attach pictures of the Jaguar XK series (2 door sedan, a coupe, created for a more sporting intent than the XF, also with a roadster variation) XK 003Jaguar XK 004Jaguar XK 005

Jaguar XK 002


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