The New Jaguar XJ

Jaguar XJ 011

Now, let’s look at the new XJ

The XJ is positioned as a four dour sedan to compete with the Mercedes S – class and the BMW 7, and like the new XF, i think the XJ had managed to stand slightly above it’s competitor.

If you’re looking for a vehicle that combines both elegance and sporty looks, this is it, if you look for a good engine and handling and superb interior, this has both. I think it managed to combine the value proposition of both BMW and Mercedes without looking generic like a Lexus.

From the front it looked similar to the XF

Jaguar XJ 000

The side views start to show it’s length

Jaguar XJ 002Jaguar XJ 010

It’s the back that shows it’s distinguish profile

Jaguar XJ 003Jaguar XJ 004

This is the view that sums it’s Elegant + Sporty personality

Jaguar XJ 001

The light detail

Jaguar XJ 009

The interior

Jaguar XJ 008

With beautiful controls

Jaguar XJ 005

Jaguar XJ 007

Even the AC exhaust is nice

Jaguar XJ 006

I like this car, really do, it has class.


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