The worst word in the world is “Kalian”

scrabbleI notice that there are important “keywords” in communication, there are positive ones and negatives ones, and i notice that “kalian” is like the worst of all words.

Read further to understand why

I’ve been attending training for several days during the last couple of week.

I was in the capacity of observer.

During this training,  i notice that the trainer sometimes used the word “kalian”, now “kalian” is an Indonesian word meaning “you” in plural form.

But “kalian” is a word rich in nuance, you can throw a lot of innuendos with “kalian”, depending on your tone, your facial expression, the listeners mood, the listener perception of your intention, “kalian” can actually mean “you”, “you guys”, or even “you dumbf*cks”.

Thus, looking at the near limitless way in which “kalian” can be misdelivered and misinterpreted, the word “kalian” is a highly dangerous word.

Then what is the better word to replace “kalian”?

Use “kita” (“us”), not “kami” (“we”) since it brings the scent of exclusion, never good for communicating.

So, when you’re addressing a general audience directly, never use “kalian”, use “kita”


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  1. thanks for remind me :))

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