KFC aggresive up sell

imz08TdbwV41220613874I like KFC,

i think it provides a good value meal, and i assume it has some standards, if i go to unfamiliar cities and i like a safe bet, sometimes i just go with KFC.

Yet, something always bothers me a bit everytime i approach their counter,

the feeling that i’m about to meet an aggresive up-selling effort by their cashier.

(up selling is: an attempt to sell additional item or service to the customer after he/she had purchased an item, this attempt is build on the premise that once a customer had made a purchasing decision, subsequent and immediate purchasing decision should be easier to made)

I don’t know if this happens in other countries, but for the last couple of years (1-2), everytime i finish my order, the cashier would ask:

“would you like soup/mash potato/french fries/any side order with that?”

then, if i said no, the cashier would ask again:

“would you like to buy our KFC Hit List (or something like that) CD?

i mean, hell no, why would i want to buy music album from KFC when there’s many place on the internet where music can easily be downloaded.

and i thought “what kind of fool would fall into such tactic? none”

i found out i was wrong…

Recently i went to a KFC joint.

This particular KFC joint is quite large and it opens 24hours, i went there quite late, as i queue to submit my order, i notice the queue next to me was going particularly slow…

I thought “whyyy?” then i notice that the cashier in that queue seem to be beaming while she dashed back to the counter, she carries a KFC Music CD,

“dannngg, a successfull up-selling attempt, what happen? what’s the KSF, KFC?”

i then observe the customer purchasing the queue, and this is total prejudice so don’t complain if the next sentences is full of stereotypes, and it seem the guy is the “i wanna look cool type” (don’t ask me why i think so, there’s even more even stereotypes there) and he might have been offered the CD, inquire further, gets persuaded a bit by the cashier, said “yes”, and after saying “yes”, it would be total passe to retract his own words, then, we have a sale.

Now i know why KFC keeps pushing this sh*t, because every now and then, you will find customer who said “maybe yes” for various reason, then you can convert this to “ok, no harm, i’ll take it” answer.

man, thanks to this type of customer, i will keep getting annoyed by KFC up-selling efforts.


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