Forgiveness and Time Management

forgiveLast Sunday i heard a very nice sermon about forgiving and forgetting.

This topic can be approached from very crude (you have to forgive because you just have to) to very sophisticated (you forgive AND forget because it frees yourself)

But i heard a very interesting piece of insight, a piece that resonates with me, that forgiving and forgetting is all about time management.

You see, time management is about maximizing the use of your time, filling it with useful things that increase your capability, results, or quality as a person.

Now,  when you go through your day, you have moments you can use to think, usually this thinking process happens automatically, we sit iddle, a thought cross our mind.

And when a thought cross your mind, it takes your time, the thought takes 5-10 seconds of your time.

Now these “thought crossing through our mind” event happens hundreds of time daily, so in effect we spend hours where thoughts crosses our mind

The caveat, when a thought cross your mind during that 5-10 seconds, no other idea can cross your mind during that time, you only have one brain, so when a bad thought cross your mind, voila, you just spend 5-10 seconds for a bad thought.

Imagine if my thoughts are filled with anger and disappointment toward someone or a group of person, wow, i could end up spending Hours each day for negative thoughts.

Not exactly the best way to maximize your time no?

So, by allowing ourselves to forgive and forget, we open room for positive thoughts to fill our idle moments, cumulatively spending hours each day for positive thoughts.

This insight resonates deeply with me, but i feel that my words are stumbled in trying to share the insight with you.

I think it resonates deeply with me because i’m quite a driven person, and i read many interviews on executives, leaders, etc, and the question “how do you manage your time?” almost always occur.

These executives and leaders then spell out their philosophies and implementable tips on managing time.

But only yesterday that i realize that “by forgiving and forgetting” is actually one of the best time management tool out there

Hope we all use this tool more often


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  1. wuih.. thanks bro buat inspirasinya.. 🙂

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