What’s the best career move for fresh graduates?

Picture Credit: http://www.amaco.com - Please check their website if you like this picture

Picture Credit: http://www.amaco.com - Thanks to Amaco - Please check their website if you like this picture

Get yourself a good boss.


If you have the option of 3 type of workplace:

1. A place that offers substantial pay compared to other company for fresh grads (it happens right?)

2. A place with good boss, people who are great themselves and really care about making their staff to be as good as them

3. A place that offers some variety in challenge in the task

4. A place that allows you to go home at 17.00 every day

Choose number 2.

Why? Why not the money?

I’ve been fortunate enough to work in a place that provide number 1, 2, and 3. But in reflection, number 2, find a place with a good boss, is much much more important.

I’m often grateful for the chance to work with Marco Gerrits, Ongki Kurniawan, and Khrisna Allavaru, especially Marco. Damn good bosses they are, after having my own staff i understand how much shit they take and the extra mile they went through for me.

Ok, the reason:

First, a good boss will try to provide you with number 1 and 3. Actually, if your boss is great themselves, they would have some clout to give you number 1 and 3.

Second, and this is the meat, when you’re new to the workplace, your first boss shapes you. They shape the level of proffesionalism with which you approach your job, they shape drive and passion for results, they shape the mindset towards work.

They will demand you to be excellent and thus allow you to be the best among your peers, hopefully, even in your age group.

They will accomplish more task than you could ever do and inspire you to both be more productive and to never ask others what you yourself not willing to take

They will ask again and again “so what man? what’s the so what?” and instill disclipine of digging into insight and delivering insight in a succinct manner

They will take the time to coach, they’re adept at identifying coaching opportunities and take the effort to coach. They inspire you to be a willing and good coach when you have your own staff

They show good leadership qualities and inspire you to be good leader yourself

You will notice how totally smart they are, it’s a humbling and inspiring experience. You’re humbled by how sluggish your brain is compared to them and inspire you to train your intelligence to be someday, soon, reach their level.

You first boss will shape you.

Again, your first boss will shape you

How you are 5 years from now, when your in late 20 s, is heavily influenced by your first boss, how you are 10 years from now, is also influenced by your first boss.

We’re somewhat like clay, unburned clay.

We entered the workplace a unformed clay.

We are introduced into our first molding and gain shape.

We then move to another place, another molding, and try to change our first shape to fit the second shape. But man, our first shape is strong, it only changes gradually.

That’s why, getting that first molding right is important.

Get yourself a good first mold.

Get yourself a good boss for your first boss.


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