Why does being a good boss is so difficult?

Quantum Leadership Circle - image courtesy: http://www.pcstx.biz/Because being a bad one is so easy

Ok first, how do you become a good boss?

1. Understand your direct reports life goals, then structure task and expectations around it

2. Give them a varied portfolio of task so each year down the line they have several new things to add to their CV

3. Think about great training that would be useful for them

4. Fight to get the budget for that training

5. Send memo to ask for additional training budget when the alloted budget won’t do

6. Write or give frequent feedback. If they do something great, write it, if it’s not great, write it. So when come performance management time, you can actually recall with detail what you like or don’t like about their performance

7. Take time to coach, look for opportunities to coach. When you’re in the middle of something and you sense an opportunity to coach (due to something you hear they’re talking about a task they’re having, due to you’re in discussion with one of them and you feel that this is a lesson waiting to be spelled out), take time to coach

8. If they do something you’re not happy with, say it as immediately as politely possible (bring them somewhere else). Don’t keep things on your chest while saying to yourself “they should’ve known better”

9. Fight for their raise

10. Your boss will mumble,  fight for their raise

11. Praise them for a task they’ve done well. Do it in public, send e-mails to all  bigwits involved in the project how valued your staff has been during the project. Let the Managing Director and General Managers know that so and so had gave a substantial contribution to the success of this project.

12. Treat them out to lunch or coffee time.

13. Demand excellent quality of work, going down the stairs is easy, climbing it is not. Ask your staff to go higher. Take the time to make them the best among their peers.

14. Take the shit when they do wrong. Say it to your boss “it’s my fault Pak”. Them call them in private and explain what’s not great about their performance. Your staff needs to know that some things has high priority than others, but never left them out to the big wits to chew on.

15. Tell them how they can grow, don’t expect your staff to know how to go up, and if they don’t know or can’t, claim that they shouldn’t be going up in the first place then. (it surprised me how many boss expect their staff to be as smart as them, forgetting that they too were novice)

16. Teach them about “so what” and  “how does this relate to the bottom line”. Teach them about things that matters to you, so when they reach your spot, they know what’s coming and what matters.

Now those are some of the things i have done as a boss.

I don’t do those as often as i wish i could.

And i’m not perfect. There are events that i have to ask forgiveness for, assumptions that i have to admit and swallow, and words i have to retract.

But i tried to do more good than harm.

And you know what i notice what happens to me after i do all these things?

Apart from a feeling good about myself. Nothing.

My staff could take everything i do for granted. They could remember the bad things i did and discount the good things i do. Heck, some of the things i do doesn’t even be known to them.

Peers and their staff could bad mouth me, gossiping that i use company expense to take my staff to lunch and coffee time

Peers could hijack your training program, sell it to their or your boss and speak about how innovative and caring they have been.

My boss won’t give me a raise for being a good leader. He could even feel resentment for the repeated events that i ask for training budget and raise for my staff.

See? told you, being a bad boss is so easy.

Then why? why be a good boss?

Because…i just like to have that fuzzy feeling that i’ve done good for my staff.

I like to go home on Fridays and know, that i give them something more than an opportunity to have a paycheck

Now, this is the question for all of us. What kind of boss do we want to be? Do i want to be a leader? Do i want to train myself to be a leader?

Then take the time, effort, cash, willingness to be a good boss


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