Ridicilious mark up by indonesian software distributor

fotolia_1193405Recently i was evaluating a very nice looking visual mining software named Advizor.

The software allows a very visual manipulation of a large data set, it doesn’t provide the deep analysis afforded by SAS data mining tool, or the more automatic approach by SPSS PASW modeler,

but it greatly support business user with some interest in data (like me) to play with the data that i have

Now, the guy who introduce the software was very nice, very nice, he spend time to introduce us to the software, to show what we can do, he even create and test some hypothesis, and you know what? he’s not the guy distributing the software in Indo

He spend all this time explaining something he can’t even sell to us

So, i contact the distributor of the software in Indonesia, ask them for a quote

And they give me quotes ranging from US$ 3,000 to US$ 5,700 for the desktop version of the software (only the software, no maintenance etc)

It was outrageous, it was overpriced to the point where i feel kinda insulted

why do i feel that?  the software is sold online by the developer, i can easily check the price on their website, which i have done before hand (the software is price from US$ 500 to US% 1,000 on the website)

I mean, to release such ridiculous price, what were they thinking? that i’m so stupid i won’t check the price? and it’s out there right on the developer website, and they, as the reseller of all people should know.

Man, this really makes me reconsider all the quotes that i’ve seen and to be very careful about future quotes


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