They think all Indonesian are stupid

In a corruption case, the most important object is the flow of money, because corruption is all about the money.

Flow of money, large amount of money, could be easily proven, one would not stash $550,000 in the mattress for a long time, they would want to bring it to a bank, or any other financial system to allow easy and safe transportation of the money.

Now, the Police has a missing link on the flow of money, you cannot make evidence based on hearsay, “oh kata si yulianto, dia udah kasih ke B dan S”.

The police, for the sake of law, as they like to say it themselves, has to find this Yulianto, get the testimony from the horses mouth, get evidence that an exchange of money has taken place, and that the said recipient of the cash has indeed receive the cash, that the exchange is for accused illegal purposed. How else can you prove that so and so had received bribery?

They’re still unable to find this missing link, and they keep pushing the case like all Indonesian are stupid fucks who cannot discern facts

So far, the best piece of “evidence” they have is: a money exchange has taken place at a location in Jakarta AND the suspect car is seen in the parking lot during the day of the money exchange. uhhh.. but doesn’t that mean that everybody with a car parked at said location during the day of the money exchange could also be a suspect?

that’s their piece of evidence?
Do they think each and every Indonesian is a clinically certified moron?
Even the Wall Street Journal is writing news about this…hey guys, we’re on the business world spotlight, not in the best of light, but you know what, we’ve been right down there on the corruption list for so long, we just don’t care


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