A collective crime against humanity – The result of lax gun control in the US.A

Story source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2009/nov/28/gun-lobby-children-us

The Guardian ran an heart breaking story about how lax gun control in the US.A are taking lives, children and parents are killed. I like to share you two stories that makes me want to shout “this is not right” to all people of the world

Tragic story 1:

“The results of such a lack of regulation are stark. In the last decade, some 29,000 children under 18 have been killed by firearms in the US, making it the second leading cause of death in this age bracket after car crashes. That’s a rate 12 times higher than those in the other 25 industrialised nations put together.

Local papers carry gun death stories with a frequency that is emotionally numbing. “Two young children have been shot by their siblings in the space of 24 hours.” “A two-year-old girl is in critical condition after being shot at a wedding reception.” “An 11-year-old boy in Mississippi accidentally killed his nine-year-old brother with a shotgun blast after arguing about a video game.”

“Boy accidentally kills himself with Uzi,” was the Associated Press headline in October 2008. “An eight-year-old boy died after shooting himself in the head while firing an Uzi submachine gun under adult supervision at a gun fair.” The Uzi was designed by the Israeli army in the 1940s and has been used by soldiers in wars around the globe. It can fire 600 rounds a minute. It is not, as a general rule, considered suitable for eight-year-olds. It recoiled, the barrel went up into the air and it discharged a round into the boy. One of the adult supervisors present was a firearms instructor who loaded the gun and handed it to the boy. The boy’s father was also supervising; he was standing behind his son, holding him, when the bullet entered the right side of the boy’s head.”

Tragic story 2:

“On the evening of 4 November, the boy had a row with his parents. They had already stopped him watching TV because he was failing to do his homework, and that night Romero was so angry he told the stepmother to spank the boy five times.

The next day, when Romero arrived home from work with a friend who rented a room in the house, the boy picked up the rifle his father had given him. He shot and killed the friend, then he killed his father. Both men were struck about five times, with the boy reloading after every shot.”

The cause:

Free gun ownership and lax of gun control, i couldn’t say this better than the Guardian writer ( Ed Pilkington):

“After all, many eight-year-old boys get cross with their fathers, but they can’t turn that anger into a bloodbath unless they have access to a gun.”

Access to firearms with live ammo allows fatal accidents, allows anger (a part of the friction that happens when humans live with humans) to escalate into blood bath.

The states where gun ownership is high are also the states with the most number of children have died by gun.

Let me rephrase, the states where the gun manufacture enjoy the most revenue from civilian sales are also the states whose children dies by guns

How? how? how can any human do this?

I think arm manufactures who flame wars in distant continent to push their sales are worse than slave merchant.

But this? gun manufacture and lobbyist are looking the same fact as we do, a strong correlation between children’s death by gun, with a strong sales of gun. Yet they keep selling, they keep promoting less restriction on the possession, carrying, and use of gun, they even advertise gun for kids.

I heard stories of people killing many other people for money, i never thought any human is capable of killing many of their kids for money.

And then i think about the NRA, about the senator and representatives (sane smart humans) backing this Faustian deal, about citing constitution right to bear arms where the damn fact is a lack of control means death to children and parents, and how this entire crime against humanity gets legitimized by lawmakers and citizen alike. I feel nauseated.

US.A claim to be able to taught the world about civilization

(go visit the link, the news are eye opener and the comments are golden,  i love this one

“The argument that ‘guns don’t kill people, it’s people who do’ is, well, foolish. The same thing can be said of stones, bombs, knives or any other weapon. Would you give your 5 year old a knife as a plaything? Or a crossbow?Do I hear the knife and crossbow lobbies crying ‘foul!’ ?” ”

link: http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2009/nov/28/gun-lobby-children-us)


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