A pinch of naive is the price to innovate

One of my responsibility is “creating and implementing sales improving initiatives”, i’m new to this responsibility, so i’ve been called inexperience and even naive.

For me, the inexperience part is inevitable since i’m still quite young, but naive part, is really, a deliberate option on my part.

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Hot Stove Effect and Why We Need to Be Brave

The Hot Stove effect best illustrated with a story,

A cat jumps to a stove, the stove is hot, the cat doesn’t know it’s hot, the cat can’t tell the difference, it doesn’t even know that there’s a difference

The cat got burned.

So now, the cat learn to Never jump to a stove

This could be good, but this could also be bad

Since the stove is not always hot.

One day, the cat might really need to jump to that stove, and that stove is cold most of the time, but the cat don’t wanna jump since the last time it jump, it got burn, Never again, the cat says

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