2 good career lesson from “Green Zone” (a 2010 movie)

Warning: Might contain spoiler of the movie.

So, Green Zone (wiki here) was just released at Cinemas in Jakarta, and I was lured at another chance of war movie. The movie was well made and it was fun to watch, but a more important thing went in my mind as I see the movie, 2 revelations on the potential career minefield I could (or, horror, have) step into.

The first revelation is about the importance of understanding context, of actively finding context, and avoid looking like a clueless dork just because you fail to see the right context (either through lack of intelligence or stubbornness).

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4 options that influence men success level and happiness

4 options that influence men success level and happiness

I start to learn rather early in life (circa 11 years old) about the 4 options that men can take when face with the gap between their existing condition and capability and the desires and dreams they have.

1. Action: with Action, men seize the initiative to look at what they already have (capability and situation), mix these ingredients to the fullest (as to whatever goal they don’t know because they’re basically winging it to the max, being naïf silly and brave at the same time), keep pushing forward despite repeated resistance and shit from other men, holding on to their dream and faith when all the things they do (inevitably) looked like total sham, find themselves in very ‘lucky’ situations, mix the new ingredients that this lucky situations brought forward to propel him selves even nearer their dream, start to look back and learn to be grateful, and then understand on their own about the 4 options.

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