The guy with the Z4 and the middle age man peddling crackers

This is a real story about balance, of both looking up and down, of both plotting for life and being grateful for life.

On Saturday April 3rd 2010, I went to a part of Jakarta famous for it’s Chinese food. The place becomes totally alive at night, it takes a special kind of balls and patience to drive there if you go at night. But I went about lunch time so traffic, and business, was light.

After making 2 rounds at the streets around there, I decide I want to try that Kwetiau (somekind of a wide sticky noodle made from rice flour) Joint across the road. It’s a simple looking joint, just like most everything else in the area.

I make my turn and try to park, as I park, I saw this Ain’t She A Beauty BMW Z4 parked next to me. I saw this car in auto blogs, it was beautiful then; then I saw it in a show room, blazing red with the top opened, even more beautiful. The shark jaw like front fenders, the long sloping hood, the curvaceous side and ass, the luxurious looking leather seat, the beautiful dash, the low wide profile with the top opened. Ain’t She A Beauty. In Indonesia, the car is price at around IDR 2 billion, which is about US$ 220,000. And in a country where the average income per annum (proxied by GDP per capita) is US$ 3,000, you wonder, how many of this beauties are out there roaming the roads.

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