Life for vanity

Life for vanity

Many people seem to live their life for vanity. Talk, work, think, obsessed, about: a nicer bag, a nicer car, the latest gadget, a dressing room filled the nicest clothes, skin care, body shaping. Items after items, self after self.

And as they die, nothing is left, no echo. All human echo will eventually be lost, but at least one can try to be of use to others, and out of this, comes there own echo, no matter how fleeting that is. A life of vanity is, by definition an end in itself and has no echo.

What a waste of life. The human existence could all probably be a mere end in itself, but there’s actually varying degree of uselessness and a life of vanity is the utmost expression of useless life. A narcissistic existence imposssible to be imitated by other life form, even a microbe benefits the earth, but what vanity brings for earth and world?

What is the difference between a life for vanity with living an enjoyable life? The difference is in the “why”. Life for vanity consumes in order to increase other perception of oneself. Life for vanity consumes to win other approval or valuation over oneself. A person enjoying life consumes without care about what others think, perceive, or value about themselves, if there’s no one else watching, they would still do it.

How does one prevent oneself from descending to a life of vanity?

By having goals bigger than oneself

It’s so easy to fall into a vanity trap by living a life of ignorance. Walking through each phase of life as others/society/they demand or considered as norm. Jalanin aja, as some indonesian would express. How does a life of ignorance can bring oneself into a life of vanity? Because one can then be easily influenced by others’ value. “this is cool”, “new is good”, “expensive equals value”. This pattern can start at a young age, starting with toys. And then this obsession with what others value and incorporate them as what one should value continues to adulthood.

Cannot escape because their goal is about jalanin aja, go with the flow of life. Lacking their own authentic goal, fulfilling others value becomes an adopted goal.

But by having goal bigger than oneself, one need to examine one’s manner of life. By having goal bigger than oneself, the fish is forced to see the water surrounding him, that in fact, there’s this water. By having goals bigger than oneself, one is yanked to see soooooo beyond one’s own perspective than one see what kind of environment they are living.

Not only big goals allows one to see the environment they life in, they are now accelerating, pushing, and driving oneself to life a live that benefit others

Have goals bigger than ourselves, let ourselves have echo


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