I thought Hyundai Genesis had a chance, then comes the 2011 Jaguar XJ

I like the Genesis a lot, I think it provides great value.

I like the size, the safety equipment, the sound system, the gadgetry, and I don’t really car about the brand issue. I like it so much, as it launched, I called Hyundai Indonesia to find out when they’re going to import the car, on which the sales manager says “Huh?”; sad really, he needs to be reminded what a Genesis is.

I then called a car importer to ask about the Genesis, upon which this sales manager scoffs and says “we don’t do Hyundai’s”, ignorant fucks doesn’t understand value I say.

Hyundai Genesis is all about Value, a car with the size, equipment, and gadgetry equal to the luxury flagships at 2/3 the price.

And if you don’t care about brand (or driving performance since BMW is holding this tight as their competitive advantage) you have a strong candidate with the Genesis.

But value is different from price, an expensive car can have high value, a cheap car can have low value. Value measures bang for the buck.

Genesis derive it’s value by delivering 80% of the bang at 60% of the price, but now, comes the 2011 Jaguar XJ, and I think the new Jag is delivering 150% bang at 110% of the price (it’s close, but the Jag still wins). It delivers the luxury interior, the gadgetry, the performance of a sport sedan, the design, and the brand.

The exterior speaks of latent sporting ability in an elegant body, the interior seem to say that a similarly equipped Benz would need options in tens of thousand of dollars, ; and if you want to talk about material finish and details, just look at the shifter (all pics provided below)

So, I guess, somebody beats Genesis at it’s game, but by playing it at a different plane altogether, nice move.

Some pics below, courtesy of Jaguar and EdmundsInsideline


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