World Vision Indonesia

I think I’ve shared my values through this blog, and chief among those values, are the value of one’s life being bigger than one’s own interest. I believe that our existence is meant for bigger things than just to exist, I believe that our existence is meant to be of positive impact to others. Life is not about having the newest toys, the most beautiful house, the most honorable title, no, I think life value comes when it is given to others. And I like to introduce you to World Vision Indonesia, which had helped me in giving a part of my own life to others, helping me to be an impact.

World Vision Indonesia is a foundation that supports the development of children from marginal areas, through education and income generating projects so the society where the children reside can support themselves.

What makes them different, and makes me decide to join their cause, is that this organization is operated in a professional manner. For our sponsorship, we will received a profile of the child we sponsored and an annual report on the child’s development.

They also sent updates on useful events to your e-mail and facilitate an opportunity for you to visit your sponsored child’s village.

I encourage you to get involve with World Vision, for a modest cost, you too can make a change in someone’s life

Please call World Vision Indonesia office at +62 21 31927467 for more information

Or visit their indonesian website at


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