All That Cash

An article, well, series1 would be a better definition, on the Washington Post confirm what I have long suspect, that the United States has many security agencies working on suspiciously similar areas. Well ok, the demarcation CIA and FBI is quite clear, but then when you have CIA, DIA, NSA, NRO, DNI, NGIA2, you can’t help but wonder “shouldn’t they like, be coordinated or something?”

I’m all in about a nation’s right to protect it’s sovereignty and both the nation and it’s people security, but America, come on, for the sake of your own economy, isn’t a waste to have 857,000 people working3 on security/intelligence related issues. That’s like, at least 5% of the American workforce.

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Voluntary Method of Distributing Economic Power –

I have these ideas for quite some time, articulating it take a wee bit of selection since the only precedence for the exact thing I want to propose exist in my mind. References to what I have in mind already existed for many years, yet I’m not sure whether this idea is ready to be hatch. Now, a recent article in the New York Times makes me feel that maybe this time is right, to start poking around with this. This essay will give a thesis on the cession of legal, political, and economic power in history; why forced cession of power doesn’t work; samples of power cession in history that do work; and that economic power is the only centralized power left, yet no appealing and reliable non-violent method of distributing economic power has been found.

Kings used to have it all, they have all the legal, political, and economic power in their domain. They ceded it to no one, and why should they, it’s damn good to able to do all you pleased, and if humans are subservient to the laws of nature, it’s only natural for the alpha male to hold on to it’s powers. Yet, throughout history, man’s advancement is a story of an alpha male or woman giving part of their power to fellow man, either willingly, by persuasion, or by pure force.

In most events, this cession of power happens by the 1st two methods, since almost by definition, the despot has all the force, so his subject cannot ‘force’ him to give some of his privilege while expecting such rights to be continuously given to them. Witness the French revolution, a by forced submission of power by the people, what happens is the rise of another emperor. Only when this next emperor is in exile, the republic can truly flourish. Yet even when he was in exile, there are people still loyal to him, wanting him to be emperor, distrustful of they and their fellow man’s ability to rule themselves without king (or simply to get a share of power when the man they support do become emperor again). Witness the dynasty after dynasty in China, when one emperor finally brought down by peasant rebellion, another emperor reigns, usually the leader of the rebellion themselves.

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The only guy with the right to say bad things about illegal immigrants is the native americans

I’ve recently read a news about rising death of illegal immigrants in Arizona


The news itself is quite sterile, statistics and numbers, but it’s the comments that gives you a roller coaster.

Some of the comments are enlightened and informed, some are compassionate, some are silly, some seem to be written by “we don’t read history books” types, some are deragotary.

I don’t know about whether what the so called illegal immigrants are good or bad (some say it’s good for the US economy, some say it’s bad, some say that this problem exist due to US agriculture greed, some say that it’s illegal immigrant’s greed trying to access US social support system without paying taxes)

But I do know this, that the only people with the right to say bad things about illegal immigrants, is the native Americans, whose culture and number are decimated by people they never invited.

It’s sad to see xenophobia, especially by people of such an advance nation.

2010 July 11 – My college friend died, I think he’s the first on our class. Reflection on death.

He’s the first in our class. Huh, the first, as if the grim reaper has started tabulating us. He’s a great guy, nice, has great sense of humor, damn talented. And now all this, all he has, all is talent, all he could have build, all his potential, cease to exist. He’s 27 I think. Human life is really, like a candle, one gush of air, gone. We laugh at death at this age. We thought it won’t touch us, it’s reserved for the old.

Can you imagine, you run merrily through life, chasing dreams, climbing career, planning marriage, working on projects, and one day you are forced to leave all those behind. Heck, you are not even given a chance to clear your work desk. It’s just done.

Life is so precious, it’s all that you have, but it’s so fickle, it can be stopped anytime.

As I grief for his death, I have to ask to myself, since now, the possibility is quite real, what are my priorities? If death touch me at my youth, what would I like to have accomplished?


I’m also reminded about one of the principles I finally able to crystallize recently. That a life consumed for oneself has no point.

Let’s assume a young man life today and gone tomorrow. He does a lot of work and actions, some are to obtain money for his bread at the end of the month, some are to fulfill is hobby, some are for his medium term goals, some are for his long term goals. He care about his ability to provide food, about his career development, and about achieving his life milestones, that’s why invest his time, energy, and focus on these things. He labor on them, he work day and many nights on them, when he doesn’t work on them, his mind is reminded about his works from time to time and his mind work.

The thing is, most of these things matters only to him. His parents doesn’t understand his dreams, he has no wife whose life are intertwined with him. His dreams, and the works he does to achieve them, are his alone, only he understands how important these things are for him.

And then the next day, he’s gone. Many of the things he care, no other person care, for the living has their own cares. Many of the things he build, no one else will continue, for the living has their own building to erect. Many of the thing he dreams, might not even occur to others, for the living has their own dream to pursue.

Thus, one’s ability to keep producing fruit from one’s labor, stop at his death. The benefit of one’s work, stop at his death. One’s ability to influence, stop at his death. But for One thing, the things he does for others.

Many of the care you have for others, some might also care. Many of the things you build for others, some might be willing to continue. Many of the things you dream for others, some might share the same vision.

It’s the thing you do for others that will be carried forward by the living.

The work we do other for others, can be carried forward by those with the same vision, and thus go beyond our death. The benefit of the work we do for others, could go beyond our death. The work we do for others and the inspiration resulting from it, can influence people even after our death.

The only work left from a man’s life, is the work he does for others.