Tuning in with their client

As part of my B-School application process, I research a lot about my target schools.

And every now and then, I met sites of MBA Admission coaches, consultants, and gurus.

At first, I felt…despair… My competitors would be native English speakers or educated in the US, geniuses, valedictorians, perhaps work in UN or something, or established some NGO in third world country, and are employed in a world renowned boutique firm. And now, they got this level of support system?           .

What am I doing here? Is it even bother trying? It’s one of those moments where only by the power of sheer dreams (or stupidity, depends on who looks and when one looks) I move forward.

Then as I read further into these gurus blogs, I can’t help but notice the contemptuous bitter belligerent stance they have towards the admission committee, replete with profanity even. zero respect.

I find it puzzling, they are not friends with the admission committee, but why do they need to employ such harsh words. They make a living out of advising kids like me to enter these MBA, yet at the same time, they’re dishing these MBAs?

It’s like a tour guide making a living of showing the road to someplace he hates, or a car salesman who openly denounce, event insults cars.

But then I understand why.

They are not cheap, and they are not always successful. They only way they can avoid being stoned to death when there’s enough number of disappointed clients is by shifting the blame to the school. “Hey man, I know you paid me, but you know what? it’s those “insert profanity here” at “school name here” that just won’t let you in. I know, these snobbish bastards selling pipe dreams”

As an applicant, I’m full aware of the stomach churning time of the big wait, and I alternate between hoping for an admission and bracing for rejection daily.

“Dear God help me” ran through my mind every time I think of the prospect of the announcement date.

And maybe on that date, I would be cursing one of the schools as well, but for now, I just don’t understand (not logically, but somewhat, in a philosophical terms) the attitudes of the MBA gurus


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