Great Migration – Genes Making the World Tick

I was watching the Great Migration series on National Geographic Channel.

The episode was born.

It was about how 4 species (whales, monarch butterfly, crabs, ?antelope?) make the journey to which they deliver their offsprings.

I watch their  4 species meet their death to search for water, dance to the moon to deliver their babies, meet at a specific location somewhere it damn vast ocean. I marvel at not only that they move, but the reason for why they move.

Then it dawn to me, why, just why did these  species make their journey.

As I watch the monarch butterfly. Left as eggs in milkweed, waking up, eating their egg shell, how do they know that? how do thy know that they’re supposed to eat their egg shell? Then they grow up and eat leaves, voraciously growing to 1,000 times their initial size within 2 weeks. Again, how? Who told them to eat leaves? Really, the adult monarchs are not there to nurture them. Why didn’t they just sit there helpless hungry to death.

Then, they spun silk and hung themselves. Amazing. Their outer shell disintegrating, within, this wet green cocoon slowly show up. What was a creature, destroy itself, and from it’s remnants, comes another creature, totally different. The new born butterfly its wings. This thing, is brittle, you can see that the it’s body parts are minuscule, yet there it is, stretching its massive wings, wings that it never has, now has in full size.

Then, it flies. How did it know how to fly? If wings grow out of my back right now, I wouldn’t know how to use it. Yet this brittle creature, with heads the size of dice at best, use it instantly.

Then it flies to Mexico, to the same forest and trees its ancestors had come before. What navigation systems do the have? The sun? The Moon? These guys has no teachers.

The answer is always clear. Their genes. All this, instinct so to speak, need to be coded somewhere. It cannot be that when a monarch butterfly come out from its egg then a magic knowledge of instinct fall on it. No, the information has to reside within the creature.


The gene. It brings the monarch butterfly from North America to Mexico.

The gene lead baby crabs, just coming out of their larvae shells into land. But the gene also led this baby crab across yellow-ant filled woods where even adult crabs have died. As I see a crab carcass being step upon by these baby crabs, and look at the sheer size difference between an adult crab and these baby crab, I cannot help but marvel at nature.

Earth would be dirt, rock, and water for it was not for genes. Genes that force trees, crabs, mammals to mate, give birth, and populate the earth and interact with the earth.

I remember a phrase, “the selfish gene”. For me, its meaning is about how the gene exist to preserve itself, how the species is nothing but an apparition of the gene and a vehicle for the gene to preserve its own existence.

I see adult crab digging holes, then mate, then the female crab wait for the crescent moon to show. Then the adult female came rushing to shore, to release their eggs to the sea. They dance under the moonlight, to ensure good release of eggs. And as they stand on two legs, some adults get adrift. Their gene ask them to make this silly dance that will jeopardize their life for this silly dance will ensure that the gene continue to exist. Its crazy. “go and kill yourselves for it will allow me to continue to exist”, the species is at the mercy of the gene.

The I think about the gene. About how amazing it is, in a sense. The gene has no form. It’s nothing but strands of minute proteins. Yet these proteins gave the imperative for species to maintain their existence. Move around the earth. This..scriptures, bio scriptures, gives earth life.

God speak, and His words materialized. As I think about genes as coded information, scriptures, I cannot help to think about God.

How, just how can I not see at these strands of knowledge, millions of species with their own scriptures, commanding their action. And Not think about God?

Imagine you arrive in a robo land, where the land is nothing but rock, dirt, and water. And yet, there are all kinds of autonomous robots moving around, covering every surface of the land. Those that fly, that walk, that swam. And these robots recreates themselves. How can you not look at these robots covering the surface of this earth and not think, that somewhere, sometime, someone, somebeing had programmed these robots?

God speaks and His words materialize, am I looking at His words gaining form here? Am I looking at capsules of His scripture? And these scripture are all basically saying “He exist”.

The Order of the Universe, The Vast Uncharted Boundaries of Physics, and now, the Gene that Gives Life to Earth. Are they all screaming? “Fuck you, you idiot, you see so much order and dare say that it all come from pure chaos? Have you had not heard about entropy?”


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