By ceding your ego, you become the predator.

This thought pattern emerge after the most unexpected mingling of two events: Discussion about ego and watching both “Extreme Hollywood” and “Fashion Police” in E! channel.

One of my vendor, a businessman with much more maturity and experience than I am, had explained to me that quite possibly, the persistent problem I have with a colleague at work stems from my failure to stroke his ego. I silently agree that this failure came from my inability to cede my own ego.

In my insecure need to feel important, to be regarded as important, I have not been willing to cede my own ego when in contact with this particular colleague.

It is quite obvious that this asshole thinks he got our boss under wraps and thus he need to be respected or he will screw anyone who fail to do so, yet rather than responding to his whim by Actually Fulfilling it, I choose to silently challenge his assertion.

I realized during the discussion of my error. So fucking what if I had fulfilled his ego? What will I lose? My own ego. What will I gain? This asshole off my back and he actually thinking that “Hey, Sendy respect me, he is under me, he is ok”

Even if he is a bonafide asshole, it only underscore the fact that he will feel pissed off by my unwillingness to stroke his ego. So what if I stroke his ego? What do I lose? My ego? What do I gain? One asshole off my back.

So fucking what if I am under him? My Ego stand in the way. I need to cede my ego.

Then later that night, I put the TV on to give some background noise.

It was E! Channel’s “Extreme Hollywood”, followed by “Fashion Police”.

The first is about displaying to the masses the expensive life toys accessible by Hollywood Starts. Pretty much bullshit if you think about it since the Hollywood star who access this only represent a fraction of actors in Hollywood, much less the world’s general population. So I thought “This thing is a way of drugging the masses with displaying them toys that they will never get to access”

The second is well dressed old ugly lady, accompanied by several jesters, basically bashing out (mostly) stunning women for being catch on camera with the wrong fashion item. The people on display, are those most stupid mass members would want to be. Beautiful, hot body, rich. Features that give access to ego fulfillment. Wanted, Respected. And by trashing these people out –  those with access to the grand toys the stupid mass can only fleetingly, on that sliver of time when they said their “oohhh”s and “aahhh”s, feel have access too – the stupid mass are assured that they are OK. That even the people who has everything is shit.

These drugs, they respond to our vanity: one for the respect and comfort bought by toys, one for the failure of those we wish were us.

These drugs, however, only function if you keep responding to them.

Thus, I come to the concept that there are 2 kinds of people on earth, really.

The stupid mass, those who consume images to give immediate comfort to their vanity and ego

The Non-stupid mass, those who fuel and fulfill the wants of the stupid mass for instant or imagined fulfillment of their vanity and ego.

The stupid mass stays on their TV till they die

The non-stupid mass makes big business and ensure a hopefully perpetually increasing likelihood of their DNA to get passed to millennias to come

I need to be non-stupid mass


And out of nowhere, my brain linked my conversation about ego this morning and the more recent thought about the stupid mass, and found a linkage between the two


Stop being part of the stupid mass and be someone who take advantage of the stupid mass

These programs are made to feed the stupid mass. Programs to bring people to a land of fantasy, of laughter, of vanity, of kepo (needless curiosity).  Programs that are filled with advertising design to give sense, images, of being someone of value, someone loved, someone wanted, someone important, someone that matters

You, need to do 2 things:

–          Stop being part of the stupid mass

–          After you separate yourself from the stupid mass, be some one who take advantage of the stupid mass, someone who fulfill the images and actual products that support the fantasies of the stupid mass

Stop being the prey, and after you stop being the prey, start being the predator.


Develop images and products that fulfill the illusions seek by the stupid mass.

Images that answer their craving for respect, their craving for being someone who is wanted, their craving to be someone else, someone rich, someone living the life of the dreams, someone beautiful, someone desired, their craving to be appreciated, respected, treated as important, someone revered.

Products that when tied with the images you create, fulfill these senses:

–          Vanity: “I can spend this money here and thus I have money”

–          Want for respect

–          Want to be wanted by others

–          Want to be desired by those he/she wants to be desired by

–          Want to be generally regarded as good looking, rich, just “wow”

–          Want to be treated like a important people, and visibly seen by others during this treatment

–          Want for status

And not only you fulfill these wants through your branding, your market positioning, the images you convey in your marketing.

You fulfill them, these wants, in the way your staff treats the stupid mass

And finally, you fulfill them in the way You Yourself treat the stupid mass.

Grovel before them, respect them, show your adulation, let the world know how valuable, important, precious, rich they are for being in your site or using your product.

Cede your ego to fulfill their desire for others to lift their ego.

Cede your ego so you can uplift their ego to the max

Cede your ego to give them the satisfaction of being important, of being wanted, of being rich, beautiful, significant

By ceding your ego, you become the predator.





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  1. Your action plan and conclusion was triggering my mind to remember someone who encoined the terms Psycho Analysis and later has been known as Public Relations. This guy name is Edward Burnays, and he was linked to Sigmund Freud. Burnays technique was very succesfull to change people desire overshadow their needs.. by link any consummable product with emotion.. “Love Machine” – Ryan Stephanus

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