The Pattern of Economic Consolidation – How A State’s Economy Steadily Moves Toward Saturation and The Imperative for an Individual to Position Himself and His Decendants to be in The Right Class

If we visited Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Hongkong, France, and Germany, we could see a clear Pattern of Economic Consolidation in state economies.

This consolidation is similar to if you take a glass of muddy water, you shake it, and then slowly the mud consolidates the bottom of the glass.

And as the mud consolidates, you can see layers of differing density of mud within that body of water.

You have the almost clear part at the top of the glass; then slightly darker areas that still accepts some light; darker areas that are brown in color; and the really dense part where mud can start be notice as such and not just floating sands.

These consolidation is constant in peace and sane period. As long as the country residents has some degree of economic freedom, human greed will guarantee economic consolidation.

Yet even when a country is plunged into war, the consolidation that had happened in the past can be resumed with a faster pace. Let’s take Germany, although Germany’s economy is more or destroyed after world war II, the country and its citizen has many years of individual and collective industrial and economic skill and knowledge on which it can build on.

The consolidation that had taken part before the war, is quickly resumed after the war for meme resides with the population. For meme is not lost, as long there’s a populace with a common meme, then meme will stay. It’s like a company culture that stays with a company even when it’s entire original staff has been (slowly) replaced.

The changes that arise also bring consequences into the populace, like the shifting sand inside that muddy water, the consolidation process brings an opportunity for an Individual to shift his fate. What is commonly called as Vertical Mobility.

Yet Vertical Mobility is a fickle thing. Stories abound about how a “self-made” man creates wealth, bring his family, his gene, to an elevated class, only to have a stupid/silly/whatever grandson blow it all away and put their gene back to the lower class, on which, since the grandson live in a state with more degree consolidation that his grandfathers had, escaping that lower class would be more difficult.

We can see that consolidation is change, with that, opportunity and threats, and thus it is imperative for an individual to position himself properly so that his gene can stay in an elevated, preferably, ruling class for all the years to come.

Now, let’s try to look further into this path of consolidation and how, we, as an individual, should respond to this trend.


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