Evolution of Values – November 2011

Integrity: lowers mental and monetary cost of doing business. When I sense that I’m dealing with people with doubtful integrity, I have to enter a state of high alert and potential risk analysis, while smiling, this is mentally taxing. I then have to document the potential risk and its contingencies. This means time and cost. I rather deal with parties that shows Integrity.

Intelligence: allows robust analysis to be made, assumptions to be recognize and quality conclusions to be made. There’s simply no denying this, people cannot move beyond the limits of their intelligence. People who are not willing to train their intelligence recognize fewer assumptions, make silly analysis, do analysis in a lazy manner, and come up with inferior conclusions. A good part of intelligence is life’s draw when you were conceive, another part is training. Force your brain to recognize assumptions, to be diligent and thorough in analysis. Less than intelligent people simply cannot follow the analysis path of intelligent people, it’s as foreign to them as baseball to a fish. I rather deal with intelligent people.

Imagination: breakthrough, innovations. A degree of critical thinking, self criticism, humor, and a pinch of anarchy is needed in Imagination. To be able to observe what “box” where are in and how to shape this or another box that will allow us to achieve competitive advantage. People with no imagination are good to be administrators. Imaginators are fish that can recognize, see, understand, that they are in water; and then, have the balls to say “hmm…what if we don’t live in water”. People with no imagination impedes innovation, their mind simply cannot imagine. I rather deal with imaginative people.

Passion for Excellence: I just have to do the best with the job at hand. Can come from Understanding that life is finite resource, thus decide to maximize this finite resource by doing the best. Takes times to develop. Sometimes its hard to differentiate people with lack of passion for excellence with people with lack of intelligence or imagination. I find that many Indonesians waste their intelligence (and life) by not having a passion for excellence. Sub-par work, unwilling to think through something are manifestations of lack of passion for excellence. LEADERS job is to build this passion for excellence in their team.

Agape: very hard. this is what maturity looks like. Further description is below.


According to the author, agape:

  • (verse 4)
    • is long suffering (i.e. tolerant, patient)
    • is kind
    • is free of jealousy, envy and pride
  • (verse 5)
    • does not display unseemly behavior
    • is unselfish
    • is not touchy, fretful or resentful
    • takes no account of the evil done to it [outwardly ignores a suffered wrong]
  • (verse 6)
    • hates evil
    • is associated with honesty
  • (verse 7)
    • protects
    • trusts [implying faith in God and trusting in righteousness]
    • hopes
    • perseveres
  • (verse 8 )
    • triumphs
  • (verse 13)
    • is greater than either faith or hope

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