I cannot stop myself to go back to this question of Purpose.

Some say that life is full of shit, but I think that expletive doesn’t even describe.

So why bother?

For more toys? More adulation? More respect?

Why bother? What’s the purpose?

I think, i feel, that the Purpose is to implement the plan God has given each of us to execute.

I sense, that the purpose is to find the exact thing God want you to do in life, get the resources to make that happen, make that happen, and so when you die and meet Him, you can hear this most beautiful words “‘Well done, good and faithful servant! ” (Matthew 25:21, NIV)

So I have been carrying that thought for many months now.

But then the subject moves to kids. Why bother having kids? They’re cute the first few years, annoying the next few, usually ungrateful for a good number of years, and then, maybe, maybe, after they understand what shit life is and that despite your best efforts and intentions, you sometimes fall short as parents and really wish they would forgive you for that, they can be friendly with you.

My fiancee want few.

I want many.

She disagree.

I need to find with a plausible reason, I need to dig my heart of the why. Why do I want kids? Why do I want many of them?

Well, I think, that it all leads back to Purpose.

If Purpose to execute the plans God had put in our heart.

Then having kids is to provide God with the resources that will execute His plans.

Suddenly, many things linked together. To have kids is to give God the humans to execute His plans. That’s why it is critical to teach kids in the fear of the Lord. So they too, can identify and implement the plan God has in their life. So they, can have the privilege of coming into being and being called a good and faithful servant by The Creator.

All things are for you Lord. For You are Glorious, Good, and Worthy of all praise and services in Your Name.


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  1. your story could differ after having one for some years… have u got my mail? sendy@sampoernastrategic.com I just need to know wheter it is delivered or filtered by SS’s ICT or go to your spambox

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