Memories in broken down harddisk

I was looking for my old pictures….

Especially those before I turned 25.

I didn’t take much picture of myself, I only started taking pictures when I went to Germany. I guess that’s when I feel memories start to matter.

The problem is, I kept my photos in my portable harddisk, not bothering to print them out.

As technology have it, all the portable harddisk I have invariably broken down at one point or another, just when I need it.

Like a stolen mobile phone, the broken harddisk destroy much more valuable things than money. Contacts that I could not remember without the digital help, pictures now lost.

How sad.

Thanks for facebook though, that is, until I find that my friend’s pre-2007 facebook album is also no more.

I have been lazily assuming that facebook would pose a less data decay risk than my cheap portable harddisk.

Again my assumptions left me dissapointed

I am now a man with few memories, some, but not much.

And those that remain, I pledge to print them out.

Photo from your past is a funny thing, when you see them, you experience catharsis.

The flood of memories of people, of laughter, their sound, the light, the place.

Oh how I wish I can have more of my past.

It’s slipping past me.

The roads I pass when I go about in my past and today is not much different, but how things have been different.

l long to remember, who he was that he is today.

I better keep this effing wordpost notes somewhere safe now.


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