The Spherical Universe

Sendy – 10 December 2012.

What if the universe is spherical, our seemingly “flat” universe is a sphere or part of sphere that surrounds a stupendously massive gravity center at the core of the sphere.

The massive gravity centers bends all light along the curvature of our universe’s spherical “surface”, thus we can look even the most faraway galaxies as if we and that galaxy is on the same flat plane.

If earth dwellers can guess that the earth is round due to faraway object diminishing into the horizon, in the spherical universe galaxy dwellers cannot guess that the universe they are in is actually spherical because light is bent by the massive sphere’s core gravity.

Another effect of this spherical universe would be the increasing acceleration of galaxy separation.

When two spots are put on a balloon, and then that balloon is being pumped, the distance between the two spot on the balloon would grow faster than the increase in radius or diameter of the balloon. That would party explain why our universe is not only expanding, but in expands ever so rapidly. That could explain why in 6-7 billion year old universe, we see galaxy as far as 14 billion light years away.

Now, if we can just compare the relative ratio between actual universe age and distance between two known galaxy at significantly different point in time (would 100 million years old be enough?) we could put crude evidence or denial to this theory.

To bad 100 million years ago human intelligence and technology is not sufficient to accurately measure distance to another galaxy (and record the data for 100 million years).

But…can we do it for much much much less time span? would 1 year be just barely sufficient? By how many light years would the distance between us and a known galaxy grow within that 1 year? Would the pattern be indicative of two spots on a spherical balloon.

If this theory is true, then what stood at the core of the universe? If the gravity of that core is such, then what power is expanding the sphere? Is the sphere being pulled or is it being pushed?

If the core is what used to be the site of the big bang, then how come it still holds enough gravity to bend light from all corners of known universe resulting in us seeing universe as “flat?”

Gravity… we have barely scratch the surface on matter. How can we ever understand gravity.


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