You Never Actually Own Your I-Tunes Content, You Just Don’t

I use Iphone & Ipad, and I was happy with how my Itunes work.

Then one day I heard about the new GoogleMap App for Apple, & I also like to download the Rotten Tomatoes App. But I found that these 2 app are not available in the Itunes Indonesian store but is available on the US Itunes Store.

My first though is, “what? I thought the point of online store for digital content is you can access content from countries you could not normally get if you relied on physical distribution channel (e.g. of reason: insufficient interest to motivate a retailer to stock content)”

The second thought is, “Hmm… App is not music or video. For music and video, each country would have their own assigned distributor, but why app? Software maybe, but app? Unlike software which from the beginning are sold in physical form, App began as a virtual existence, furthermore, the App is created for Apple, which country distributor would contest Apple’s right to distribute Apps directly all over the world?”

I then check Apple support forum, & I discovered that you actually CANNOT use the content that you buy in one’s country Apple store when you move country.



If i buy things on on itunes (music, app, movies), I cannot use it when i move it to another country?

But if I bought the same things on CD or DVD (except for app maybe), then I could do that…

so…what’s apple advantage over just buying a CD or DVD?

And since I paid money to Apple for a product, and then Apple void the benefit of the product I bought, would this be a potential lawsuit for Apple?

Does stating “your purchase is only valid on this country” in terms and condition would mean that Apple have sufficient right to rob customer of the things they have paid for? Or will Apple claim that the money paid is paid for use of content in that particular country, and not payment for that content itself.

This could be a good tagline for commercial actually, a modified version of the Patek Phillipe watch’s commercial that would sound like: “You Never Actually Own Your I-Tunes Content, You Just Don’t”

Interesting that nobody in litigation happy USA have not looked into this matter, or maybe somebody had and I just don’t know.


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