Layman’s theory on light and particle

We are all light

Gravity slows us down to matter

Everything in the universe emit wave or is wave. Visible light is wave, infrared is wave, atom vibrate move & rotate.

What if particles are just “condensed” wave? Wait, if we remember E=mc2, then we know all matter is “condensed” light wave

Condensed by what?


How does gravity condensed wave?

Or is gravity an illusion and that it’s not gravity that condense light to matter

But it’s the Higgs Field that condense light to matter. Than in the presence of Higgs Field, energy is condensed to a level it becomes matter.

And that gravity, gravity is just an effect that happens where some parts of universe is compacted into matter and some not, and some part of universe has different degrees of particle density.

So gravity is like what happens if you an imaginary planar field, and you put a ball of condensed wave in this planar field, a curvature happens since the ball presses down on the planar field. If you stand near enough to the ball, you could be within that depression caused by the ball, and if you are within that depression, you experience gravity.

How does the condensation happen?

Matter, atoms, has or is in a lower energy state than light. If atoms were heated, it would turn physical state into less solid forms. Given sufficient energy, and atom would become light.

So perhaps the difference between atoms and light is the energy state they are in. Light is in hyper excited state, and atoms is a much less excited state.

Matter’s energy state has been lowered by something that it reaches such low energy state that matters becomes matter.

Perhaps like a net slows down a tennis ball, the Higgs fields slows the energy state of light to such an extreme, that it now has matter’s energy state and thus become or is matter.

And back to gravity, perhaps gravity is the side effect of light hitting Higgs field and slowed down to become matter.

Is this continuous? Gravity is continuous. Is gravity exist only when the light particle is transformed to matter?

Are we continuously being in a state of being converted from light to matter by the Higgs field?

Is all matter in the universe continuously experiencing gravity because it continuously the experience the side effect of it being continuously from light to matter?

Everything in universe is light.

Visible light is light, matter is light.

Something slows light to a point where it becomes matter.

What and how


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