Social Compact in USA

Social compacts such as free education and healthcare to all can be paid, as long as the population is willing to be tax enough to meet the cost of the social compact.
Since the cost of these social compacts are always a percentage of the general economy, there should be a number in which the general economy can be sufficiently taxed to pay dor the social compacts.
The question then:

1. how to ensure cost effective social compacts

2. how to ensure parties involved in delivering those social compacts has no incentive to increase its per unit cost and/or has incentive to reduce its per unit cost

3. are the societ willing to bear the cost
Which case in America:

1. Not effectice. Military and healthcare cost exponentially higher than other countries with no clear exponentially higher benefit.

2. Privatize prisons? Non-single payor healthcare forcing care provider to forgo national level whoselase discount when negotiating with suppliers?

3. Americans are very individual, many people has deep belief on life free or die (for yourself)
Social compact doesn’t work in America, not vecause social compact doesn’t work


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