Righteous indignation and smart but poor

Bitcoin is a sham.

You know that from a year ago.

Yet right now people have been rich selling the bitcoin scam to other people

These sellers knows that bitcoin is a sham, and they still buy it, expecting that other people would be either gullible or greedy enough to buy bitcoin from them.

The persons who buy bitcoin later may or may not the truth about bitcoin.

Those who don’t, buy expecting a profit. They might not know if’s a sham, but they see friends make money, they want to make money too. If all goes bad, either they don’t see it coming and lose it all or see it coming and lose some.

Those that do, buy expecting a profit. They might know it’s only temporary, but they expect to leave before the musical chair ended. Should the musical chair ended before they leave, then they get hammered.

Both that buy unknowing and knowing the truth about bitcoinbeing a scam is exposed to the same profit and risk profile. The knowledge doesn’t make much difference to how their greed dictate their earning and loss potential.

So the people that sells bitcoin knowing it’s a scam, and those that buy not knowing it’s a scam. They are all motivated by their greed. Is it really than one is more evil and one is more innocent than the other?

You know that bitcoin is a scam since a year ago.

If you are so smart, why haven’t you use that knowledge to make you richer?

Why the idle hands?

Where does the idle hands comes from? A sense of righteous indignation that you are oh so smart thus you won’t touch this thing?

You think the people playing bitcoin does’t know it’s a scam? You think you are smarter than them? You think the reason they touch bitcoin and you don’t is because they are dumber and you are smarter?

How about if they are smarter?

How about they know that bitcoin is a scam, yet they also know the nature of human greed. If people want to gamble their money away, not for pleasure or fun, but for greed, who are you to say judge and jury?

Learn to go beyond your arrogance.

Learn to go beyond your righteous indignation.

If you are so smart, why aren’t you rich?

Then you’re not smart.

The system is not wrong, society choose to let the system.

It’s you who are too arrogant to see beyond yourself and see and exploit how things work


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