US$ is issued by a sovereign, but it’s not the US Government

The quote below is so far the best description on the role of Federal Reserve in money creation that I found.

USA is probably one of only few countries that surrenders its right to issue currency to a third party, the US Federal Reserve.

The US$, the greenbacks, we are holding are issued by US Government, they are issued by US Federal Reserve.

The US Federal Reserve is not wholly owned by the american people.

So the so called greatest democracy on earth, where people live free, are all living in an economic system founded on currency issued by a private entity, all these free people are toiling the earth to circulate and expand debt issued by a private entity.

“imagine you have no money at all. one day a man comes up to you and says “i’ll give you 1$, but in return you will owe me 1.06$ next week” so you say okay and take the dollar. you use the 1$ he gave you and find a way to earn back 1.06$

whatever way you earned that money, that money was also loaned with interest.

its a self perpetuating debt thats placed on the taxpayers. a debt thats literally in possible to pay off

the federal reserve loans us dollars with interest attached. every dollar they’ve printed since it was privatized has come with debt. the same money we use to pay them back through taxes”


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