It’s the parents fault

Having kids make me realize, that this relationship is on me.

That it is always the parents fault how their kids turn out to be. Regardless of their own natural inclinations and talents, their presence here is not of their own desire, but of the parents. And just as the adults are responsible for the outcome of everything that they do now or 10 years ago, they are responsible here too.

My first daughter was about 2 years at the time, just getting past 2 years.

And she was cranking it.

As I look at her and I thought “what are you doing kid? Why am I dealing with you”, I realize that the answer is “Because I wanted her here.”

I and my wife, her parents, keep trying to have her. And when we have her, and she’s behaving exactly like a year old, we complained? And we put it on the toddler?

No way.

This relationship between parents and children is on the parent.

So if I daughter do anything to me 30 years from now, congratulations, it’s me that wants her here. The ball is always on my court.


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