It’s the parents fault

Having kids make me realize, that this relationship is on me.

That it is always the parents fault how their kids turn out to be. Regardless of their own natural inclinations and talents, their presence here is not of their own desire, but of the parents. And just as the adults are responsible for the outcome of everything that they do now or 10 years ago, they are responsible here too.

My first daughter was about 2 years at the time, just getting past 2 years.

And she was cranking it.

As I look at her and I thought “what are you doing kid? Why am I dealing with you”, I realize that the answer is “Because I wanted her here.”

I and my wife, her parents, keep trying to have her. And when we have her, and she’s behaving exactly like a year old, we complained? And we put it on the toddler?

No way.

This relationship between parents and children is on the parent.

So if I daughter do anything to me 30 years from now, congratulations, it’s me that wants her here. The ball is always on my court.


Why should the state let you compete with itself?

Met an indonesian bitcoin enthusiast group that proclaims “government can’t shut bitcoin down”.

My response:

Ga bisa shutdown? Khayalan anak muda. Anda udah punya orang berkuasa belum di kantong? Negara ga ada kepentingan kasih ruang bagi kompetitor dalam hal hak negara menerbitkan currency. Tinggal negara bilang illegal, polisi gerak, you masuk penjara, selesai deh “government can’t shut us down”. The state has monopoly over legalizing use of force to any party it wants, what do you have?

Dulu ada anak2 muda bikin voip pas voip baru mulai, itu aja masuk penjara. Apa yang diancam sama voip? Kepentingan satu bumn doang, respon negara? Penjara. Anda kurang belajar sejarah indonesia.

Btw, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain are 3 different things. Please stop equating them.

T3 Soekarno Hatta – software failure

T3 Soekarno Hatta – International Departure.

Cuma ada 1 toilet dari garbarata sampai pintu keluar gedung terminal. Lokasi toilet persis sebelum imigrasi, setelah imgirasi, lokasi toilet diluar gedung. Diluar gedung. Nice, gerbamg Indonesia ke dunia, pakai outhouse.

Tidak ada lift di dalam gedung terminal untuk naik ke parkiran lantai tinggi.

Harus ke parkiran dulu, naik lift di parkiran. Hasilnya? Macet di parkiran karena traffic orang, barang, dan kendaraan kecampur.

Ada dua pintu keluar dari gedung terminal. Kalau sudah keluar dari salah satu, ga boleh masuk lagi.

Jadi, kalau sampai salah pilih keluar, atau karena cari toilet terdekat (yang tidak ada di dalam gedung), tidak boleh masuk lagi. Harus muter jalan sambil bawa trolley di luar gedung. Dengan awang-awang yang bisa cuma 2 meter lebarnya, dengan distance from ground 68-10 meter. Di negara tropis. Itu namanya tampias mas, tampias semandi-mandinya.

Wong yang desain ini gimana? Gedungnya bagus, user flow nya berantakan.

Di parkiran, ini kan parkiran bandara, orang akan bawa trolley sampe ke mobil. Masih ada tuh, area parkir yang ditaruh di ramp.

Jadi ada aja, orang-orang yang dengan cantiknya, taruh trolley dia, lupa itu permukaan miring, dan dengan sukses trolley dia hajar bemper mobil di sebelahnya.

Mengingat gedung ini didesain, yang salah bukan user yang lupa kalau itu permukaan miring, yang salah adalah yang si desainer yang dengan absent mindednya mendesain parkiran bandara dengan ramp dijadikan tempat parkir.

Saya lulusan arsitek, saya diajarin dosen saya untuk mikir user itu bakal pake ciptaan kita seperti apa.

Lah ini yang desain merasa diri profesinya arsitek, tapi entah dosen dia ngajarin apa pas kuliah.

Discussion on Trickle Down Economics

A personal note on a quora discussion about trickle down economy. I put it here as notes to my thinking about the subject per 12 Jan 2018.

Quora Question:

As a conservative, what do you wish liberals understood?

Link’s to Ron Rule’s Answer:

Sendy’s response to Ron Rule’s Answer:

Ah, the assumption that if the wealthy have more money from reduced local tax, they will spend it and put it back to the local economy, instead of hoarding the wealth or investing it outside the country or spending outside the country.

Anonymous’ answer to The GOP claims that the proposed tax cuts for the wealthy and for corporations will trickle down in the form of higher wages, jobs, and healthier retirement plans for the middle class. Has this idea ever worked?

Ron’s comments on Sendy’s response

Again, you’re fixated on the actions of multi-billion dollar companies. That’s precisely what I’m saying the left doesn’t understand. Small and mid sized businesses don’t operate that way. And it’s the small and mid sized that are the employers of middle America.

If Google saves $1 billion on their taxes, it doesn’t affect their operations. But if a small business doing $2–10 million per year gets a $1 million tax cut, that directly impacts that businesses ability to expand. Same thing in the $20–50 million range with a larger cut. Their communities and employees directly benefit from that increased stability and growth opportunity.

Sendy’s reply to Ron’s comment


You should look at the quora answer I included. That answer is from small businessman, who receive a windfall due to tax cut, and decide to use it on holiday overseas (not on US soil, that’s money out of your country), and financial investment (which not necessarily translate to actual jobs).

So to say that “tax cut” is good because it will always means higher economic activity from those that now have more money and that higher economic would benefit everyone is wrong.

It doesn’t always means higher economic activity, I receive tax cut, i could just keep it.

And if I spend it, it doesn’t mean I spend it on things that helps the local (US) economy.

As to other comments on how governments are just bad at doing things compared to private sector, geez, you guys should go out more and visit other countries.

The US government is bad, sometimes, because its political appointees and decision makers are always beholden to donors, and that’s your form of corruption.

Jacob Tomseth comment to Sendy’s response

Nobody is hoarding money. Get the idea out of your head that the economy is a fixed pie and every piece I take means there is less for everyone else. The economic pie is constantly expanding due to productivity. Businesses are in reality creating their own pieces of pie, not stealing it from someone else. The only ones that steal any pie is the government since they don’t actually create anything.

Sendy’s Reply to Jacob Tomseth’s comment

Oh I understand that Jacob, I understand that the economy is not a fixed pie.

I am a CEO of a small business that raise its money from investors. So I understand how capitalism work, I know enough to benefit from it.

But I also know enough to see capitalism shortcomings.

I am all for enlarging the economic pie.

You comment seem to equate tax cut with enlarging the economic pie.

But that cuts doesn’t always result in enlarging the economic pie.

“If people have more money, they will spend it, and that’s good for the economy”. That statemen is true, but only when people who has more money, has the need to spend, and will spend.

Is that the case with tax cut? Or any program that gives money to the already so rich that they cannot spend what they receive in ways that leads to in-country economic demand and/or job creation?”

The economy is better off giving $1 billion to 1 million poor people than giving $1 billion to 1 billionaire.

The 1 million poor people will spend it on the goods and services on the local market, and that $1 billion will slowly trickle up to people who owns the small, medium, and large businesses, and enrich everyone in the chain of economic consumption.

The 1 billionaires will use the extra 1 billion to what? Buy 1 million luxury jackets? Buy 10000 luxury cars? What’s the billionaire impact to local economic demand compared to 1 million people who live hand-to-mouth?

My consumer base doesn’t get bigger when the people making millions of dollars a year get more money, my consumer base gets bigger when the people making sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollar a year, mostly tens of thousands dollar a year, sometimes thousands of dollar a year make money.

Most businesses have customers who earns thousands or ten of thousands dollars a year, not millionaires.

And so I love it when people have more money, just like ron said, it’s good when people have more money. But who? The people that have so much that additional money won’t lead to 100% consumption of that money? Or the people that have so few thus they have to spend that money right back into the economy?

So, how do we enlarge the economic pie? By pumping more money to it.

Do all methods of pumping money into the economy always result in enlarging the economic pie? No.

Mandala swept

For what is a man

What does it do

A moment for it exist

Then it perish

US$ is issued by a sovereign, but it’s not the US Government

The quote below is so far the best description on the role of Federal Reserve in money creation that I found.

USA is probably one of only few countries that surrenders its right to issue currency to a third party, the US Federal Reserve.

The US$, the greenbacks, we are holding are issued by US Government, they are issued by US Federal Reserve.

The US Federal Reserve is not wholly owned by the american people.

So the so called greatest democracy on earth, where people live free, are all living in an economic system founded on currency issued by a private entity, all these free people are toiling the earth to circulate and expand debt issued by a private entity.

“imagine you have no money at all. one day a man comes up to you and says “i’ll give you 1$, but in return you will owe me 1.06$ next week” so you say okay and take the dollar. you use the 1$ he gave you and find a way to earn back 1.06$

whatever way you earned that money, that money was also loaned with interest.

its a self perpetuating debt thats placed on the taxpayers. a debt thats literally in possible to pay off

the federal reserve loans us dollars with interest attached. every dollar they’ve printed since it was privatized has come with debt. the same money we use to pay them back through taxes”

Righteous indignation and smart but poor

Bitcoin is a sham.

You know that from a year ago.

Yet right now people have been rich selling the bitcoin scam to other people

These sellers knows that bitcoin is a sham, and they still buy it, expecting that other people would be either gullible or greedy enough to buy bitcoin from them.

The persons who buy bitcoin later may or may not the truth about bitcoin.

Those who don’t, buy expecting a profit. They might not know if’s a sham, but they see friends make money, they want to make money too. If all goes bad, either they don’t see it coming and lose it all or see it coming and lose some.

Those that do, buy expecting a profit. They might know it’s only temporary, but they expect to leave before the musical chair ended. Should the musical chair ended before they leave, then they get hammered.

Both that buy unknowing and knowing the truth about bitcoinbeing a scam is exposed to the same profit and risk profile. The knowledge doesn’t make much difference to how their greed dictate their earning and loss potential.

So the people that sells bitcoin knowing it’s a scam, and those that buy not knowing it’s a scam. They are all motivated by their greed. Is it really than one is more evil and one is more innocent than the other?

You know that bitcoin is a scam since a year ago.

If you are so smart, why haven’t you use that knowledge to make you richer?

Why the idle hands?

Where does the idle hands comes from? A sense of righteous indignation that you are oh so smart thus you won’t touch this thing?

You think the people playing bitcoin does’t know it’s a scam? You think you are smarter than them? You think the reason they touch bitcoin and you don’t is because they are dumber and you are smarter?

How about if they are smarter?

How about they know that bitcoin is a scam, yet they also know the nature of human greed. If people want to gamble their money away, not for pleasure or fun, but for greed, who are you to say judge and jury?

Learn to go beyond your arrogance.

Learn to go beyond your righteous indignation.

If you are so smart, why aren’t you rich?

Then you’re not smart.

The system is not wrong, society choose to let the system.

It’s you who are too arrogant to see beyond yourself and see and exploit how things work