US$ 47.5 billion software development


Microsoft almost bought Yahoo for US$ 47.5 billion, yet they could just spend US$ 10 billion for building a Yahoo rival. It seem the decision maker is more interested in producing mega-mergers than actual value calculation and creation.

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“Tolong jelasin masalah resesi dong”

recession-2008(Conversation as of 19 October 2008)

yyyy(9:43:38 PM): btw tlg jelasin masalah resesi dong

yyyy(9:43:43 PM): gw ga ngerti nih hehehe

yyyy(9:43:47 PM): lo kan pasti jago

Dhirosattha (9:44:40 PM): resesi ekonomi scr umum? ato yg sekarang?

yyyy(9:47:25 PM): yg sekarang

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