Stop Using Scripture as Scientific Text – It shames God rather than exalts Him

When it comes to science, the church had made mistakes in the past.

Denying science and prosecuting scientist like Galileo Galilei.

These mistakes came from using scripture as scientific text.

Thus when science shows evidence that is not aligned with scriptural writing, the Church falsely assume that scripture is being threatened.

Yet it is the Church own assumption that scripture can be used as scientific text that was being threatened.

The Church was so deep in this assumption that it cannot see that what was being threatened is their assumption of scripture, rather than scripture.

However, now Christians are making the same mistake of using scripture as scientific text

Doing such make Christianity look foolish.

Although some non-believers has been using science to deny faith, it doesn’t mean Christian need to use faith to deny science.

We need to understand that what science “know” is always limited. And we should point to this limitation to counteract God denying arguments, rather than using scripture.

What man know through science is always limited.

Newton, then Einstein, and now, particles moving than light. It seems that science keep discovering things it doesn’t know again and again. All scientist acknowledge that they will keep discovering new things, things that might put their past knowledge into question. Yet some scientist, or layman even, dare to claim that human’s has enough knowledge through science to say that God doesn’t exist.

That’s bullshit. How can you say that something doesn’t exist when you don’t even know the limits of your lack of knowledge. It’s like Pythagoras claiming that there’s no atom simply because there’s no prove to the existence of one (and unlikely so in his lifetime).

Yet some Christian keep falling to the same equally bullshit way of responding to science based arguments against the existence of God with scripture.

Scripture is NOT aimed to provide scientific information.

No, it is NOT, so stop using Bible as scientific reference. Its goal is to acquaint man with God, a being so beyond us it may take thousands of years before we can prove him.

I’s so miffed when people say the Bible doesn’t provide accurate scientific information, off course it doesn’t, it cannot be, it should not be.

For if the bible provide accurate scientific information, human would reject the bible for it would take humans eternity to validate the “accurate”, the “final” scientific things written in the bible.

We need to understand, science keep evolving, imagine if the Bible write about atoms, people in Moses age would reject the bible since they cannot see or prove atoms and claim that the bible is wrong.

If the Bible write about relativity theory, people in Newton’s age would reject the bible, for they cannot prove or disprove relativity.

If the Bible write about particles moving faster than light, people in Einstein’s age would reject the bible, for at that time all scientific evidence indicates that nothing can move faster than light.

And if the Bible write about Balibulabala (my name for scientific law that is the final one, that explains everything), the people in every age before Balibulabala is discovered would reject the Bible, for they cannot prove and all evidence thus far showed that Balibulabala doesn’t exist.

What does the Bible wrote? The Bible wrote about God, and now, many humans deny that God exist.

So silly, how can you disapprove of something when you might be millions of years away from inventing the technology needed to prove that something.

But you Christians, stop using Bible as scientific text.


How Does It Add Up

When people think about E = MC2, they tend to focus on the energy side of the equation, how much energy a tiny winy amount of mass would unleashed. But here we will try to look at it from the mass side of the equation.


Let’s take a 20 year male, his height is 180 cm (5” 11’) and weight 98 kilograms (216 pounds). More than 20 years ago, this male didn’t exist.

In physics term, his weight of 98 kilograms, 21 years ago didn’t exist.

Now, we have a mass, that 21 years ago didn’t exist. The mass is not 98 kilograms, mind you, 98 kilograms is the weight of the man on Earth, which has a gravity constant of 9.8. To add to the caveat, the actual measurement of weight is actually Newton, not Kilogram.

The amount of this mass is 98 Newtons divided by 9.8 N/Kg, which is 10 Kilogram.

Since this male didn’t exist 21 years ago, his mass of 10 Kg also didn’t exist 21 years ago.

Think about it, 21 years ago, nothing; today, a 10 Kg of mass. 

In the span of 20 years, this mass of 10 Kg has been created. According to Einstein equation, for this male to exist, his mother and his body need to gather energy of 10 x 300,000,000 x 300,000,000 = 9 x 1017 Joules. That’s nine hundred thousand trillion Joules.

How much is 1 Joule?

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