4 options that influence men success level and happiness

4 options that influence men success level and happiness

I start to learn rather early in life (circa 11 years old) about the 4 options that men can take when face with the gap between their existing condition and capability and the desires and dreams they have.

1. Action: with Action, men seize the initiative to look at what they already have (capability and situation), mix these ingredients to the fullest (as to whatever goal they don’t know because they’re basically winging it to the max, being naïf silly and brave at the same time), keep pushing forward despite repeated resistance and shit from other men, holding on to their dream and faith when all the things they do (inevitably) looked like total sham, find themselves in very ‘lucky’ situations, mix the new ingredients that this lucky situations brought forward to propel him selves even nearer their dream, start to look back and learn to be grateful, and then understand on their own about the 4 options.

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Sense of Ownership

I. The situation

In my team, I have great staff members and not so great ones.

Let’s talk a bit about definition about “great” and “not so great” before we continue:

Great: independent in completing a job; able to balance finding own solution with checking with me when faced with issues; take time to think about solution and their potential implication and alternatives, produce clean work (no typos; takes time to ensure that visual is nice); keep track of task to be completed and accomplish them one by one; take the time to accomplish a job.

In a world filled with parallel projects and limited resource, Life Is A Breeze with these guys.

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JPPC-13Dec2009-10AM. Molded into the kind of person that are capable of fulfilling the mission

The person who receive the vision are different than the one who fulfill the vision.

The person who receive the vision has a capability of X. Yet to fulfill the vision, it requires a person with a capability of 10x, or 100x, or 1000x, or whatever, but definitely bigger than X.

Thus, the person who receive the vision has to grow and molded into someone with 100x, then he can fulfill the vision.

Life, it’s challenges, your adversity, your opportunity, your lack of resource, are all about molding you. the person who receive the vision, to be the person who could fulfill the vision.

Embrace the mold, be brave, and being in the mold, adapt transform expand cut throw away, to be a copy of the mold.

Then after you become a copy of that mold. Be ready for the next mold.

Molding you into the person who can fulfill the vision.