Letter at the NY Times and an application of the Singleness Principles

Jakarta Praise Community Church had a Singleness principles when it comes to couples who wants to get marriage.

I think it’s a great principle, the Singleness principles said that a marriage is a amalgam between 2 single individuals. Single not as in unmarried or don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend; but single as in One, whole, an Individual that is he/herself is already fulfilled.

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Increasing commercialization of JPCC

JPCC (Jakarta Praise Community Church), is a church with amazing insights.

It provides weekly nourishment that are scripture based, practical, and relevant to the modern life challenges and environment.

I honor the pastors, especially Jeffrey Rachmat and Jose Carol, for being people who are serious about digging and chasing insights into layers untouched by other minds. They don’t fall to recycling traditional sermons, force fitting scriptures into modern context. They’re willing to dig it in, find gems that are only seen through a fresh perspective, package it in a language that brings the message to it’s fulfillment. I respect people who do their job seriously, who embodies the word “profess-ionalism” in how they approach their work, JPCC pastors are such people.

I enjoy their sermons very much, it challenges my thought, perspective, ideas, beliefs on how i have conduct my life.

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JPPC-13Dec2009-10AM. Molded into the kind of person that are capable of fulfilling the mission

The person who receive the vision are different than the one who fulfill the vision.

The person who receive the vision has a capability of X. Yet to fulfill the vision, it requires a person with a capability of 10x, or 100x, or 1000x, or whatever, but definitely bigger than X.

Thus, the person who receive the vision has to grow and molded into someone with 100x, then he can fulfill the vision.

Life, it’s challenges, your adversity, your opportunity, your lack of resource, are all about molding you. the person who receive the vision, to be the person who could fulfill the vision.

Embrace the mold, be brave, and being in the mold, adapt transform expand cut throw away, to be a copy of the mold.

Then after you become a copy of that mold. Be ready for the next mold.

Molding you into the person who can fulfill the vision.